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Discover The Most Powerful Social Media Services For Your Business

Social Media Services, Social Media Services Boston, Marketing Strategy Services, Content Strategy Services Boston
Social Media Services, Social Media Services Boston, Marketing Strategy Services, Content Strategy Services Boston

Social media marketing has gone from edgy to essential with lightning speed. Localized search engine optimization combined with the growing popularity of mobile devices means shoppers are literally searching for bricks and mortar shops and restaurants on their doorstep or along the way as they travel. Niche networks and forums are expanding and evolving for every imaginable interest under the sun. In other words, it is easier than ever to reach your very specific target market at less cost than any previous form of advertising.

Of course, it is so easy that sometimes businesses forget they still need to put in some effort. Simply setting up a profile on the biggest, global social networks and posting regularly is not enough. While that tactic is essential, it is the only the beginning of what you can do to put some muscle in your marketing with the right social media services.

Finding the Right Fit

There is no comprehensive list of social media sites every business should use because every business has its own distinct and specific target market whether it is defined by location, age, hobbies, musical tastes or community identity. Some business need to reach potential customers for a health aide while others have criteria such as professional women in a certain location or retired people with specific hobbies. But here are some tips to discovering the best social media sites for your business beyond the big and obvious ones. Remember, these sites will all have their own rules about what is and is not allowed as far as marketing goes, so make sure you read the terms of use carefully and abide by them. Breaking the rules is a sure way to turn off possible customers.

Use a few Different Search Engines to find the Sites you need.

• Social Networks:

Many different communities have smaller, more specific networks with the focus on fun and socializing. Local areas, genres of music, sports, etc. will often have a social network devoted to their common interest. If you sell tennis rackets online, look for a social network devoted to tennis.

• News Sites:

There is no shortage of news sites for specific demographic groups. Some host a discussion forum as part of the site, while others allow comments. Use these with caution and care. It is not necessary to even mention your business. If you post insightful and useful comments, people will look at your profile, which where you can usually add a link to your website.

• Discussion Forums:

From parenting to politics, much of the discussion people used to have with neighbors over the back fence have moved online. It makes it easy for people with a shared interest to debate the issues, and it makes it easy for a company with a product or service related to that interest to find them.

Social media marketing is all about forging a real connection to potential customers, not just blasting them with an aggressive sales pitch. Take the time to build your reputation as someone with knowledge and insight before you even think of actually selling on social media services.

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