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Diamond Carat: Increase Your Know-How


Diamond is a very common topic that is always discussed whenever people are talking about jewelry. Yet there are certain facets about Diamonds that are unturned by many of the buyers. You must have heard of the term Carat while buying Diamond rings or any other type of diamond jewelry. Most people thing that it to be the size of diamond. Well, conventionally speaking, you can refer it as the size of diamond. Yet there is another meaning that very less people are aware of. If you are a smart buyer then it is imperative for you to learn about the carat and how it reflects on the price.

Most of the shoppers don’t feel the need to learn about the pricing of diamond rings according to the carat size, it give advantage to the dealers to ask for any amount they want. It is vital for a shopper to study about it and be smart while shopping for diamonds. It is your hard earned money so you have to be the one to save it.

The History

Carat has commenced from a Greek word called Keration. Meaning of Keration is a fruit of carob that is that was recognized for its uniformity in size and weight. In year 1907, carat or CT became official to be referred for diamonds. 1 carat was equals to 200 milligrams.

Budget of the buyer is highly dependent on the kind of product he is picking to buy. Cut Clarity, Size and shape; all these measures have to be focused on while buying diamond.


Size of a diamond has always been very perplexing for ever buyer. Two diamonds that are similar in shape and weight, it is not necessary that the size of both the diamonds will be the same. The difference is in the depth of the diamond and also the kind of cut it is crafted with. Diamond that has more depth us smaller in size and the diamonds with lesser depth are larger in size. If you think that you can plus the carat of the diamond, it will not increase the size.


Diamonds are available in various shapes and every shape is fashioned with a unique appearance. Sometimes weight of the diamonds is the same but due to the difference in cut and shape, size that implies to the diameter and depth will differ. These aspects help some shapes of diamonds to look elongated and large. Most of the buyers invest in round cut diamonds. They not only look mesmerizing to the eyes but they also have a royal charm.

Quality Of Cut

Cut quality has a copious influence on the appearance of the jewelry. A perfectly cut diamond is the one that has tendency to shine like a fireball. This kind of diamonds also look large than others. There is a huge difference between an ordinary looking diamond and a well cut diamond. Therefore the worth of such a diamond will also be more.

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