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Dangers Of Improper Termite Pretreatment

Dangers Of Improper Termite Pretreatment

When building a home, a termite pretreatment is one thing you should seriously take into consideration. Termites are vicious pets that, when left to multiply, can destroy the structure of your home. These non-stop eaters usually live in the cracks and crevices of houses. They can destroy the foundations of homes, flooring, insulation, and even furniture and clothes.

A termite pretreatment is a wise investment for people who are thinking of building a new home. Better than post treatment, a pretreatment can prevent further damage that can be expensive to treat. However, when done the wrong way, a pretreatment can be dangerous.

Dangers Of Improper Termite Pretreatment

What is a Termite Pretreatment?

Termite pretreatment is done during the construction phase of a home. Insecticide treatment is applied to specific spots in your home.

There are two kinds of treatment: a pre-construction soil treatment and a borate treatment.

Termites can best be controlled by never letting them get into your homes. Since a pretreatment is a process done at the onset of your house construction, you can protect your home from the potential damage that termites can bring. It is also significantly cheaper to pre-treat your house than to address a damaged structure. However, these pesticides contain chemicals that are poisonous and dangerous. As such, they must be applied properly.

What Are the Dangers of Improper Termite Pretreatment?

Termite pretreatment, when performed by a non-professional, may pose hazards and risk. The proper termite pretreatment involves materials, equipment, and skills that only professionals have.

  • Improper termite treatment can be hazardous to health.

Since numerous chemicals are present in termite pretreatments, applying them without the proper knowledge and training can be harmful. Some of these chemicals may be toxic when ingested or inhaled. By doing things on your own, you may choose the more toxic kinds of treatments. Professionals know the least toxic varieties termite pretreatments which is why hiring them is your best option.

  • Improper termite treatment may cost you even more money.

When applied improperly, termite pretreatments may actually be ineffective. There is a certain amount of treatment and a correct way of applying it to the ground for it to be an effective barrier to termites. It must be applied evenly. When the chemical barrier fails to protect your home, termites may easily get through cracks and crevices and can destroy your home without your knowledge.

To apply termite pre-treatment, it is always best to hire a professional pest control company. Invest in protecting your new home to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control in Columbia, MO.

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