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Contractor’s Insurance: Important Information for Business Owners

Contractors insurance Lake Charles is coverage that protects businesses from financial loss after work-related accidents or mishaps. Insurance is sold in various coverage amounts and limits to ensure that businesses do not succumb to the risks of such an occurrence. It’s essential to protect your business by purchasing adequate amounts of coverage that keep you safe in the event of a threat to your business. Contractors insurance protects against lawsuits and disputes with other contractors.


Who Should Buy Contractor’s Insurance?

Contractors, subcontractors, and independent contractors should carry a contractor’s insurance policy to protect their business and give them peace of mind and assurance in every job they complete. Many employers require that a contractor carry coverage before they’ll hire them, so without the coverage, you run the risk of losing business. Among the types of companies that need contractors insurance Lake Charles;

– Plumbers

– Construction workers

– Electricians

– Landscapers

– Carpenters

– Brick Layers

– Painters

This is just a small it of the type of contractors who need insurance in place to protect their business and to help portray themselves as the skilled experts that people want to hire. If you operate a business that improves structures or if you work at other people’s property, you will very likely need a contractor’s insurance policy in place.

Types of Contractor’s Insurance

Most contractor’s purchase general liability insurance. This is required before a contractor can start working on a job. It covers your business in the event that people or property is damaged while you’re on the job, or in the event of faulty work and a lawsuit.

Commercial auto insurance is available to cover businesses that use vehicles in their daily operations. You can also cover items that are hauled on the truck, such as ladders and tools, in case they’re damaged or destroyed as the result of an accident. Businesses that use vehicles to transport items from one job site to another must ensure they also have commercial auto insurance in place. It is illegal to operate a vehicle without insurance and when it is used for commercial purposes, the consequences of doing so can hurt your business, too.

Contractor’s Insurance Costs

Contractors insurance costs vary from one policy to the next, but a few comparisons are the simple way to find the company with the lowest prices. It is easy to compare rates online or by telephone. Should you compare online, getting multiple quotes at once eliminates the amount of time you will spend comparing the options that are out there to pick from.

Several factors influence the cost of coverage, such as the insurance company selected and the specific trade which you perform. For example, roofing contractors are likely to spend more than carpenters for their policy because their work is riskier. Request estimates from several contractors in the area and it’s easy to find an insurance company that matches your specific needs.

Carefully choose the insurance company that you’ll pick to provide contractor’s insurance. Not all companies are created the same!

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