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Construction Creation: 4 Safety Measures To Check For Your Next Project

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Employee safety should be of the utmost concern when you are running a business. This is especially true for the construction industry as there are many known factors that could pose serious danger. 21.4% of working fatalities in 2015 were construction accidents. It’s important that with each project you make sure that each employee is as safe as possible. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, this can be achieved through the use of proper equipment, safety equipment, and regular trainings. It’s also important that you check in with your employees and see what their safety concerns are as well.

Check The Ladders And Scaffolding

The highest number of injuries on construction sites are because of falls from scaffolding, ladders and buildings. You should be sure that all scaffolding has been inspected by professionals and never work on a scaffold that is not sturdy or does not have a strong platform. If a ladder is wobbly, do not use it and make sure that the ladder is strong enough. A ladder should be high enough that the top is at least a foot above the landing. Do not use a ladder with steps that are not attached properly. Ladders should also be securely attached at the bottom and the top. If it is not, another worker should manually hold the ladder in place to keep it from falling.

Use Proper Safety Equipment

Construction companies must provide all employees with the proper protective equipment. This includes helmets, protective eye wear and ear plugs for working in noisy areas. Your construction employees must have protective footwear, clothing and gloves if working with toxic substances. Employees who are working at heights must have a fall harness and should have highly visible clothing if working in job sites with heavy equipment. Even equipment like penetrometers from Certified Material Testing Products, protective fencing and other equipment that indicate safety at specialized job sites must be provided by the employer.

Avoid Fires

If you are working on a site with combustible chemicals or where welding is necessary, there is the possibility of fire. Open flames should be removed if there is the presence of flammable materials, like gas. Drills should be conducted so that all employees know an escape route should a fire occur. Fire extinguishers should be easily accessible and employees should be trained to use all emergency equipment in case of fire.

Be Cautious With Electric

Constructions sites have electrical installations and are often surrounded by live electric wires. When using equipment, such as bucket trucks, be aware of all electrical wires in the vicinity. If you are using devices that are plugged in, make sure that the cords are in good working order and that the metal casing is grounded. Be sure that all machinery is in good working order and make sure all employees have training on how all machinery works.

These are just a few suggestions to keep your construction site safe and reduce injury to employees. Employees who discover unsafe conditions should be encouraged to report them immediately.

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