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Clinical Negligence, It Wasn't Your Fault – so Make a Claim

Sometimes accidents happen and you need to make a claim.

In Britain we’re well aware of our traditional stiff upper lip attitude. We’re the most likely people in Europe to go into work with a cold, soldier on and keep fighting through our pain or discomfort.
But sometimes when we’re dealing with something more serious than the sniffles though, we do need medical help, and we need to know we’re in safe hands. If you’ve been the victim of clinical negligence, then you’re not at fault. You don’t need to solider on, you need to make a claim and stop suffering in silence.
Here is why you should speak up, how to know if you should make a claim, plus some additional information to arm yourself with.

Sometimes accidents happen and you need to make a claim.

Can I Claim?

First things first, you need to know whether or not you can make a claim. If you even suspect that you can, then the best thing to do is to contact a professional to find out more. There are lots of different problems that could mean you qualify to claim. Permanent disability, scarring due to negligence, pain caused by surgical errors or prolonged recovery are all reasons you should claim. You may not always be aware that you qualify though, especially for things such as misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. If you’ve had any infection or ongoing pain after your clinical experience then you could also be eligible.
Medical and clinical negligence claims can be frightening, and you might be worried about taking on a big organisation or establishment, but don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Expert Advice

Thankfully, experienced solicitors are ready and waiting to take good care of you, and ensure that you get a fair and just result for your claim. Sometimes there is no price too high in extreme cases, as you may never get back the time, ability or condition that you once had. In these situations, money doesn’t get rid of the issue, but it can be useful when you’re investing in getting your life back on track again.
Getting advice and help all along the way is personal, and your experience is unique. The experts understand that you’re an individual, and will always seek to be as helpful and caring as possible, every step of the way. They’ll guide you through the whole process one bit at a time, understanding the emotional impact that it has on you and your loved ones, and doing their absolute best to see you through to the other side.
Conquering the Costs
The best thing about specialists and experts in the field is that there won’t be any charge unless you win the case, so you can reject the financial worries that may stop you making a claim! The best legal teams will offer a ‘no win, no fee’ policy, so if you decide to proceed together in pursuit of justice, you don’t have to be weighed down by the thought of a big financial burden. We sometimes associate legalities with heavy cost, but if you’ve been the victim of clinical or medical negligence then you should always get the experts to fight your corner!

There are ways you can go about making a claim.


Experienced, friendly, professional and caring are all words that should describe your experience with the medical or clinical staff and organisation that you encountered. For the majority of people these words ring true, but if you’ve been the victim of negligence, then those are words that may not sound so familiar. Thankfully we know that experienced, friendly, professional and caring are all pillars that solicitors stand on when taking care of you. Whatever your circumstances, you can be sure that they’ll do their best to win you back the money you deserve. Clinical negligence isn’t your fault – so make a claim!

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