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Choose Your Business Wardrobe

Looking your best in the workplace is something that every man should be striving to do. Whether it is your first day on the job, or you have been there for years, keeping a neat appearance is something that every boss notices. If you are looking to improve your wardrobe before heading into the office there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind to keep your appearance looking sharp.

An easy way to portray yourself in a positive light is to make sure that your haircut and facial is well groomed and maintained. You should be getting a haircut every couple of weeks and keeping your facial hair presentable means shaving every other day or so. But well maintained hair and facial hair makes a statement that you are a professional in every sense of the word. People will take you more seriously, and your boss won’t have to worry about your appearance in front of visitors and potential clients. Keeping your grooming well maintained is an easy way to make a positive impression.

You may be tempted to focus on getting new clothing but a surefire way to spruce up any outfit is by getting a new pair of shoes. If you are in an office environment then you should probably be leaving your running shoes in the closet. Get yourself a decent pair of boots or loafers (there are great styles at Sierra Trading Post) and pair it with your outfits. Just because your office dress code calls for business casual doesn’t mean that you should be wearing the same shoes that you work out in. Investing in a pair of boots or loafers can tie your entire outfit together.

Finally, you should also consider getting regular measurements for fitted clothing. If you are getting fitted for suits, shirts and pants then regular trips to your tailor may be in order. A man’s life is constantly changing, and a few pounds lost or gained can make your custom fitted clothing look amateur. Working with a tailor will allow you to offset those effects.

The wardrobe that a man wears can be a way to create a positive first impression. Don’t make the mistake of coming off as something you’re not.

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