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Buying A New Business Building? 5 Things To Do Before Moving In

Buying A New Business Building? 5 Things To Do Before Moving In

Moving into a new business building is an exciting experience because it allows you some more freedom. For example, you may have greater space for business transaction, or you might be moving to a location that will generate more traffic. While you’re likely eager to move employees and equipment into the space, take some time to make provisions before opening up.

Check the Electrical

Having a professional examine the electrical situation in the building before moving in is a matter of safety. Electrical issues could lead to a fire. When the current electric is not up to code or it poses potential hazards, take the time and spend the money to repair them. In fact, you may struggle to obtain insurance with improper electric.

Assess the Plumbing

When your employees or customers are constantly faced with clog toilets or overflowing sinks, the appeal of your workplace can begin to decline. These issues can also present health hazards. Upgrading the plumbing can allow for a smooth start. Plumbing issues are particularly important when you expect a mass number of people to use the bathrooms on a regular basis. For example, if you are opening a large restaurant, the plumbing must prove capable of handling the capacity.

Upgrade the HVAC Systems

Providing proper ventilation for your employees, as well as appropriate temperatures, is crucial. You want happy employees who feel safe and comfortable working in the environment that you’ve crafted. When the boiler struggles to bring temperatures up on frigid days or the air conditioner units are old and decaying, the time has likely come to replace these systems. Work with a company like the L.J. Kruse Company or someone similar to keep your system up-to-date.

Hire a Cleaning Team

Whether the building has been vacant for a few days or a few years, a clean start can help employees to feel motivated. Walking into a dingy old building filled with dust can deplete employee morale. Some cleaning issues, such as mold, can also pose risks to the health of your employees.

Make Business-Related Updates

Perhaps your company needs more cubicles, or maybe you need a large meeting space for the frequent workshops that you host. In any case, taking care of these renovations before moving in can help to allow for smooth business transactions. While you are making renovations, don’t forget to research what permits are necessary, which allows you to avoid troubles later.

A new building will likely allow you to conduct business in a more efficient fashion. Completing some updates before moving in is worth the while.

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