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Building Your New Office: 3 Steps To A Workplace Of Bliss

If you are building a new commercial structure for your office or business center, you want to approach this project with a proper mindset. If you want to create a modern workplace that translates into a blissful experience for employees and business tenants, you need to start by following these three steps:

1 – Location is Still Everything

When you sit down to evaluate land offers, you should ask yourself two questions with regard to the location of your future office. The first question relates to convenience, which is directly related to transportation. Urban locations are better for just about any office project, but only if they offer adequate parking options or adequate public transportation links; otherwise, a suburban location would make more sense.

The second question related to location is the proximity to other businesses. If you end up choosing a suburban location, make sure it is not located too far from commercial districts. In the history of commercial real estate, many corporate parks have suffered because they were too far from other businesses.

2 – Choosing a Modern Office Design

You can choose retro styles of architecture for the building exterior, but the office space and the floor plan must be designed with the modern worker in mind. Contemporary workplaces favor open spaces instead of closed rooms that overlook rows of cubicles. There is no longer a need to build dedicated server space since most companies are choosing to use cloud computing options such as Platform as a Service.

Contemporary architects recommend functionality along with sustainability. A modern office building requires amenities such as exercise rooms, cafes and media rooms. Most conference rooms can be designed with glass walls to give the effect of space and avoid claustrophobic meetings; however, you should think about offering at least one closed conference room with privacy in mind.

3 – Choosing the Right Contractor

Once you have chosen the right location and architect, the next step will involve hiring the builder. To this effect, it is a good idea to follow the recommendations of the architect; nonetheless, you need to make sure that your choice will be able to develop the project in accordance to sustainability guidelines and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Furthermore, make sure that the contractor will utilize proper equipment, like the products found at American Equipment Inc, for moving heavy objects, particularly if you plan to build above the ground level. Projects undertaken without heavy equipment are prone to suffer delays and even accidents.

Once you have considered the three steps listed herein, you will be able to start thinking about the rest of the aspect of your project such as bridge loans, permits and office equipment.

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