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Budget-Friendly Ideas To Save Your Money On Wedding Flowers

In this costly & trendy world, couples are constantly seeking for different ways to spend their money more smartly. Brides and grooms are tensed regarding managing money on certain activities properly. This management takes too much time, efforts and mainly money to fulfil their wedding fantasies. Correct ideas with perfect exploration works as a fuel for the project. Means, it can bring a smooth outcome.

However, delivery charges are still remaining to add up in the account. You should consult local florists and get luxury flower delivery to your doorstep at a reasonable amount. But still, there are lots of things needed to be considered. And for that, you have to plan your wedding budget. Otherwise, you will have to compromise the actual need just because, you have a low budget and can not afford to spend more on the needful place. Let’s explore some budget-friendly ideas.

Inexpensive Wedding Flower Tips

Choose in-season blooms

If you want to use your favourite flowers in your wedding arrangement then you should check out the wedding season whether it is the time when your favourite flowers bloom or not. If it’s not, then you should go for in-season blooms to save money on wedding flowers which can save your major bucks.

Be honest about your budget

You have to be sure while discussing budget as well as your vision with any potential florist you interview. If you discuss colors, style and flowers but ignore to talk about money then you’ll simply fall in love with blooms that you cannot afford at all. Thus, you should be clear about your budget before choosing flowers for your wedding.

Have a Holiday Wedding

You should plan your wedding during festivals such as during Christmas or Easter because, at that time, the church will already be decorated which can save you bundle. Thus, act smartly and save your money.

Budget-Friendly Ideas To Save Your Money On Wedding Flowers

Avoid February

If there is one month you should avoid for your wedding day then it’s February. It’s not because there are fewer flowers in the market but it is the day where flower prices are an annual high due to Valentine’s day.

Go Natural

Create arrangements again and again by transporting flowers, herbs and other plants from your garden store into eye-catching containers. Or incorporate leaves and other foliage into your arrangements to add texture and depth to your decoration.

Stick to budget blooms

There are some filler flowers which can make gorgeous arrangements such as mums, carnations and baby’s breath. For a while, these blooms were loathed by brides and considered tacky but a good florist can make these flowers truly shine. Thus, you can elevate the look by opting for monochromatic colors and back the flowers tight together.

Follow the Simple funda

Follow the simple funda, “reduce, reuse”. You should opt for small, simple bouquets for your bridesmaid and then re-purpose the flowers at the reception as decorations for the dessert table, restrooms and guest book table etc. You can ask for a favour to your friend to help you in moving flowers from the ceremony decorations to the reception site.

Keep It Simple

Remember, you are not just paying for the flowers but you are paying for your florist’s efforts, time and craftsmanship. Because, super-structured bouquets, Garlands of flowers and intricate centrepieces take too much time to arrange.


Finally, these all are budget-friendly ideas that can help you in saving money. Follow the ideas and manage your wedding budget so that you can spend better on other expenses. Plan smartly & enjoy your wedding tension-free. Happy Wedding!

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