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BPM Software

Modern BPM systems are based on advanced software, which provides literally innumerable opportunities and can be thoroughly customized for a particular company. The main advantages of Bpm’online software are integrity, efficiency and security.

BPM (Business Process Management) is a concept, which is based on improving a company’s performance and efficiency by means of establishing in-depth management and optimization of its business processes.

BPM systems embrace special programs and platforms, web tools, and many analytical and statistical opportunities. Proper implementation and exploitation of BPM systems is possible only with the help of cutting-edge BPM software.

Main parts of BPM software

BPM Software

Being a bridge between information technologies and the business, BPM software comprises four major blocks:

  • Process engine. This is the BPM platform, which enables all BPM processes – modeling, customizing, managing data, taking decisions, and many others.
  • Business analytics — used for processing business data, identifying trends, opportunities and all possible bottlenecks, and reacting to them properly.
  • Content management. BPM software implies storing, importing and using various business data – documents, images, graphics, tables, and other files.
  • Collaboration tools — help to optimize business processes by means of introducing corporate forums, dynamic workspaces, common message boards etc.

How does BPM system work?

Bpm’online software ( unites three business processes on a single platform:

  • Marketing – multichannel software that enables in-depth market research, planning and analytics. You will be able to use email marketing, mass mail responses and other powerful tools. Marketing software helps to identify customers’ needs and nurture their interests until they are transformed into real business opportunities.
  • Sales – automated system designed for managing a complete sales cycle – from lead to repeat sales. Here numerous analytical tools are available, which will help you track all possible statistical and numerical data of your sales process. The exact number of clients, sales volume in the past month, receivable accounts – this is only a small part of the data that can be regularly generated and monitored by means of BPM sales software. And it should be also noted that the platform provides convenient systemization and quick uploading of such data.
  • Service – set of innovative tools for delivering exceptional customer experience. You will be able to stay in touch with your customers, helping them to enjoy your products or services even after the purchase.

BPM Software

Such a holistic and integral approach to business processes means that your company will not have to revert to any other corporate web tools or to check constantly whether all the necessary business steps have been made. You may rest assured that the system will support your business from A to Z and will be extremely useful in all its aspects.

BPM provides a top-notch software that enables quick and easy customization, which can be done even by non-technical users. This means that whatever your business area is, you will be able to adjust the platform by adding extra tools so that the system reflects all your business needs. Moreover, this also results in smooth and painless introduction of the platform for your employees who will not need to take a special training course in order to learn how to use the system.

One of the greatest features of BPM software is the combination of high quality and a user-friendly interface. The platform is free from redundant information and allows you to focus on what is relevant.

The system has intuitive and fresh design, which is easy to navigate and pleasant to work with. Research has proved that many employees have shown a greater motivation and a higher job satisfaction after their employers implemented a BPM system inside their companies. This means that reverting to BPM will actually contribute to the revitalization of the working atmosphere in your company instead of making the working process more cumbersome.

Bpm’online is accessible not only from office computers but also from laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is especially convenient for companies with international branches or if your business involves much travelling. Both managers and regular employees will have round-the-clock access to all corporate data and apps and will be able to perform their duties quickly and efficiently despite their current location.

Technical parameters of BPM software

We have seen what BPM offers in terms of its business efficiency and customer use. Now let us list several technical aspects that should also be taken into consideration while introducing BPM software:

  • Modification. The system is very flexible, with the new solutions being introduced by means of various web-services, stored procedures etc. Developers can also use OData protocol, which enables sending HTTP commands and getting responses in several formats, including JSON, XML and Atom.
  • Layout. BPM platforms are provided in both on-premises and cloud versions. The first option is optimal for big companies that feature vast server rooms and can afford hiring full-time IT specialists who will be engaged in supervising the system. On the other hand, cloud BPM is a much more flexible option and is widely used among the companies of all sizes.
  • High security standards. BPM software is thoroughly protected with the most advanced security systems, so the risk of accidental data leakage is reduced to zero.

As we can now see, BPM software has its unique features that lay the basis for its efficiency, flexibility and safety. Many entrepreneurs all over the world are already successfully using BPM systems as the one and only corporate web service for their businesses.

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