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Beyond Company Values And Perks: 4 Ways To Foster A Welcoming Work Environment

If you own or manage a business, you are already well aware of how important it is to treat your employees with the dignity and respect that they deserve. While this often includes the dissemination of various perks and rewards, more goes into this than that. You must take into consideration their respective needs. The disabled, for example, can be some of your more productive employees. However, they need an accessible workplace in order to perform at their best. With that in mind, consider the following four ways that you can foster a more welcoming work environment.

Wheelchair Accessible Entryways 

No matter how big or small your work environment might be, your employees need to feel free to move around. For the disabled, this may take more effort than others. As an employer, you will want to make sure that all walkways and doorways are wide enough for a wheelchair to fit through them. This includes restrooms and break rooms as well. Individuals who need a wheelchair or walker should have the same access to all parts of the building that other employees enjoy.

Mobility Friendly Restrooms 

You may have some employees that have difficulty moving around small spaces. The restroom is one such area where you want them to be as comfortable as possible. This includes having secured hand bars placed in the stalls where they can easily sit down and stand up as needed. Single stall gender neutral bathrooms add greater accessibility, privacy and comfort to many employees.

Provide Appropriate Technology 

If you have employees that work in an office environment, they may require extra devices to use their computer properly. Make sure that you provide them with appropriate access to computer software that enables the visually impaired to see the screen more clearly. For the hearing impaired, there is special technology that can be employed as well.

Focus on the Parking Lot 

For individuals in wheelchairs, larger parking spaces are needed to ensure easy access to and from their vehicles. You also want to provide ample parking near the building so those that need extra assistance will be able to get what they need. This is a great way to show all of your employees that you value everyone who works for you. If your workplace isn’t currently accessible you can look for someone that specializes in general fabrication that can help build accessibility ramps.
These are four ways that you can show your disabled employees that you value the contributions that they are making to the company. This is not about making sure you are in compliance with federal workplace regulations (although that is important as well). This is about providing individuals with the assistance that they need to perform a solid’s day work and make a valuable contribution, no matter what their limitations might be.

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