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Better Building: 3 Simple Ways To Make Your Workplace Safer

Better Building: 3 Simple Ways To Make Your Workplace Safer

Employers are required to provide employees with a reasonably safe work environment. It is not possible to eliminate all hazards that they may face. When workplace injuries occur, you could face tremendous expenses. Very serious issues may even result in a lawsuit or a public relations nightmare that negatively affects sales. There are some simple steps that you can take that could reduce workplace injuries and that could make your space safer for your employees.

Provide Employee Training Regularly

Many employers want to keep employees as safe as possible, but they fail to show their employees how to stay safe on the job. Over time, new challenges and safety concerns may present themselves. With this in mind, it makes sense to structure regular employee training sessions. All new employees should also receive a private training session. They should understand and comply with all of the company’s established safety policies. You may also consider updating your safety policies periodically to ensure that your policies are fully protective.

Update Your Fire Alarms

Another common safety concern in workplaces is fire. Fires can be caused by lighting, electrical issues and more. Updating your existing fire alarms and even adding more alarms throughout your structure through a company like Eastern Fire are a great way to increase safety. Remember that you need to change the batteries in your fire alarms regularly. You may also develop a fire safety plan for a fast evacuation if you have a large business space or if your office is located above the first floor. An evacuation plan will direct everyone out of the space in a safe, organized manner.

Invest in Safety Equipment and Gear

In a typical office environment, safety equipment and gear are not usually needed. However, if your team works in construction areas or other areas with dangerous conditions, they should be properly outfitted with safety equipment to prevent accidents and injuries. In addition, their manager or supervisor should also ensure that the equipment is being used properly and on a regular basis. Common safety gear may include hard hats, harnesses, rubber boots and various other items. Remember that you may be required to provide specific safety gear to your team per OSHA requirements.

Safety is an important workplace issue that can have tremendous impacts on workers and employers alike. Many employers do not do enough to keep their employees safe, and injuries may result. Consider how you can apply these important tips to make your workplace safer and to reduce related liability risks.

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