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Best Spring Fashion Trends for Kids

As the famous saying goes, “Spring is Nature’s way of saying let’s party”! But for a good party, it is important to have the right clothes and accessories to keep things stylish. With Spring paving its way, it is time to re-shuffle your wardrobe and add to it the latest trends of this season. Your kids are too small to understand latest trends so you need to help them develop the taste for good fashion.

Spring is the best time to experiment with your clothes because the weather is extremely favourable to try new styles. The advantage with kids is their cuteness and when a child is super cute automatically all clothes look great on them. So, make sure that your child’s closet is stuffed with experimental clothes and trends.

  • White Lace – White lace is probably the best style you must opt for and is a staple Spring fashion. Lace is a trend that never goes out of style and is available in a variety of colours. But when talking about Spring, nothing beats the power of pristine white, so shop for white lace dresses, skirts or flirty shrugs that you can throw around yourself casually. Interestingly, certain wholesale kids clothing suppliers have come up with lace shoes which are a big hit.
  • Denim – Who said denim is restricted to jeans only? Now you can use the denim material in dresses, skirts and even in shoes. Shoes are the interesting bit because this is one trend that has not been very popular last season. Denim look extremely stylish so plan the entire look appropriately. You can either opt for a sporty look by adding a cool pair of loafers or can play the girly look by adding details in your accessories.
  • Gingham – Gingham is the latest trend that has come up this season and the buzz signals that it is going to rule the fashion roost for quite some time now. There was a time when checks were a big hit, it still is. The love for check prints has helped to take the fashion quotient a few notches higher with the introduction of gingham. Luckily, when it comes to kids, they look good in almost everything because their innocence is their biggest confidence helping them carry off anything effortlessly.
  • Fringe – Fringe is very girly and at the same time extremely stylish. Interestingly, you can add the fringe design to your clothes or even your accessories. Whether jackets, skirts, crop tops, shoes or even bags. You can add fringe design anywhere to style up your look. But since you are styling your baby, adding fringe style can be slightly tricky. The reason is, fringe requires detailing and kids are too young to understand the importance of detailing. There is always a way out and that is by customising the clothes fittings depending on your baby’s body type.
  • Bohemian – Bohemian style of dressing is extremely cool and is always stylish irrespective of the season. Since Spring is all about casual dressing and keeping things flowy, it is always best to opt for bohemian style during this season. So, add long skirts, flowy tops and get the gypsy look accurate with the right accessories. Make sure your kids are in their teens to opt for this style. Scarves and stoles are also a must to complete this look and carrying them well is the art of looking great.

Be it the next birthday party, Halloween party or tea parties in school your kids will always step out in style.

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