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Best Android Apps Every Book Lover Should Have!

Reading a book is nothing short of a journey one takes with the characters of the novel. There is always one character everyone can relate to, be it the protagonist or be it the sidelined brother or the lovelorn girl waiting for the love of her life. Book lovers have a passion for reading books which is something only they can understand. All book lovers can use tons of ebay coupons to purchase any book they wish at amazing prices.

If you’re an avid reader and cannot imagine life without a good book to read, check out these spectacular apps every book lover should definitely have:


GoodReads is a great social platform that brings together readers from across the world where they can rate books and write reviews as well as search books according to genres. The GoodRead app too allows you to discover fantastic books and you get recommendations based on your taste in books. Go ahead and become part of clubs and book challenges that will surely make reading your favourite books all the more enjoyable and engrossing. This app will surely keep you engaged for hours.

Amazon Kindle

This is another app that is perfect for those who love to curl up with a hot coffee and a good book. You can explore almost every genre and get your hands on literary classics by authors like Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Sir Conan Doyle as well as latest and current books by authors like Dan Brown and James Patterson. From Great Expectations to Inferfo, everything is available for you to read here and you can easily navigate on its easy to use interface that takes you directly to the books and authors you love.


This is an amazing app from Barnes and Noble and stores in its data base over 3 million books, journals, newspapers and comics for you to never get bored. The best part is that over 1 million eBooks are absolutely free to download giving you access to a huge virtual library so you can find a book for every mood. You can also customize the reader to suit your comfort by changing the background color, font size and resolution making it an amazing reading experience. You can also use flipkart coupons to get your hands on classic literature to stock up your personal library at brilliant prices.

Google Play Books

You can easily shop for and discover a wide range of books and authors on the Google Play Book which can be downloaded in a variety of languages including Dutch, Romanian, French, Spanish and many more languages to suit your linguistic preferences. You find millions of free books which can be downloaded and even read in offline mode so you don’t have to worry about losing internet connection when you’re travelling in the train or metro and want to get lost in a good book to pass time.


Another amazing app which runs on the Android as well as iOS and Windows, this is on one of the best apps out there that gives you direct access to millions of books for you to download and enjoy at your leisure. What makes this even more enjoyable is the fact that you get access to free and cheap books in a variety of languages including German, French, Dutch and many more to suit your tastes. Take part in competitions and solve quizzes which make this app even more engaging. Leave your comments and thoughts after reading a book for others to read.

These apps surely give a kick and boost to every book lover who always treats his or her books as a person and not an object. These apps will surely meet all your literary demands!

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