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Are Natural or Herbal Cancer Treatments Ever Really Effective?

The above question is asked thousands of times every day by patients in desperate need of help and reassurance at what’s undoubtedly one of life’s most distressing times. It’s common knowledge that there’s only so much even the best modern cancer treatments can accomplish, which is why it’s not only cancer patients, but also leading doctors  in the field that are increasingly turning to herbal medicine to bolster and improve cancer treatment.

But even though it’s more common than ever to use herbal remedies in the fight against cancer, the question still remains – do they actually work?

Cure Vs Treatment

Well, the first thing to bear in mind is that there’s a very big and very important difference between a cancer treatment and a cancer cure. The sad truth being that the latter of the two simply does not exist yet, which is why those talking of herbal cures for cancer could be accused of selling false hop – no such cure exists. In terms of treatment however, this is a term that refers to literally anything done or used in order to help reduce or eliminate cancer in a patient, of which there are literally thousands of different examples and avenues for patients to explore.


It’s only been as of relatively recently that the world has started to look into the specifics of herbal remedies as genuinely plausible cancer treatments, though early results have been astonishingly reassuring. There may still be no silver-bullet cure for cancer or even a universally effective treatment for preventing its spread, but with each new study carried out there’s more and more reason to believe that natural remedies and treatments can indeed be hugely effective.

So, if you’d prefer to explore the natural options, which have shown the most promise in testing?

Herbal Supplements

Carry out a quick web search and what immediately becomes apparent is that for every type of cancer known to man, there are dozens of herbal supplements being marketed as ‘wonder drugs’ for prevention and treatment. Now, common sense would tell you that not all of these are up to par and you’d be right to think as such, but there are nonetheless certain herbs and natural compounds that have proven to be hugely effective in the fight against cancer – one of which being curcumin. As with all drugs, it’s simply a case of doing your homework and refusing to buy blindly.


It’s important not to read into any claims that tell you that acupuncture has the power to in any way beat, treat or prevent cancer – there’s simply not a shred of evidence that this is the case. However, in terms of the available treatments on the market for effectively and safely reducing the pain associated with cancer, acupuncture is becoming a trusted go-to for thousands. It of course needs to be carried out at the hands of a trained professional, but can nonetheless work wonders and is considered 100% safe.


As is the case with so many conditions and diseases, it’s impossible for the body to work as effectively and efficiently as it possibly can unless it is given plenty of exercise on a regular basis. Of course, the exact level of exercise to undertake and the nature thereof will vary in accordance with the condition and will therefore be advised by a professional, but in all instances there’s much to be said for remaining active to give any treatment the best shot at success.

Living a Healthy Life

Many of the world’s leading cancer specialists continue to warn the public in general that there is no better treatment for cancer or preventative measure to avoid it in the first place quite like living a generally healthy life. This may of course come across as easier said than done, but simply by making a few minor tweaks to dietary habits, lifestyle choices like smoking and generally keeping active, it’s possible to reduce your chance of developing cancer exponentially. Coupled with the very best natural supplements to be taken along the way, these are the kinds of home cures for cancer that actually work.


Last but not least, it may come across as insensitive to those facing what appears to be a hopeless situation but at the same time there’s simply nothing more important for the successful treatment of cancer than proactivity. It’s a case of accepting the circumstances and tackling them head-on, as opposed to sitting back and letting nature take its course. The more of a fight you put up, the stronger your chances of prevailing…it really is as simple as that.

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