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Applicant Evaluation: 5 Actions Every Prospective Employer Takes Before Hiring

If you feel like you are not attracting the type of talent that you would like to have in your company, it could be that you are not asking the right questions when interviewing. Brush up on your interviewing skills, and make sure that you fully understand the role of the open position.

Understand The Job

Read and fully understand the job description. If you are not sure if you understand the job description, do some additional research. If you fully understand the job description you will be able to know which specific qualities to look for in candidates. You will also be more adequately prepared to answer questions from the candidate during the interview.

Know What Questions You Can Ask

Hiring managers must know what questions they are legally allowed to ask and what questions they are not allowed to ask. For example, it is not legal to ask a candidate about his or her marital status. It is also not legal to ask a candidate about his or her age. While bringing up these topics may seem like harmless small talk, doing so can actually place your business in legal danger.

Allow For Time

When asking questions, it’s important to remember that the candidate will probably be nervous or require additional time to come up with an answer. You should allow for pauses or tell the candidate they can take as much time as they need. This will help ease the tension in the room and allow for a better interview.

No Cliché Questions

Avoid asking cliché interview questions. Many of these questions have already been rehearsed by prospective candidates with canned answers and many of these answers will not be very helpful. For instance, most candidates have a canned answer to the “where will you see yourself in five years,” which is designed to make it seem as if the candidate will remain with the company. While some of these changes may seem small, they can have a big impact on the success of your hiring efforts.

Perform A Background Check

You will want to know whether your candidate has been convicted of a crime by performing a criminal background check and how this might affect your business. If you are not sure if a crime will affect whether your candidate should perform the job, consider contacting a professional like this Metro Vancouver Criminal Defence Lawyer.

Interviewing and being interviewed are both extremely nerve-wracking processes. Use the tips above to make sure that you’re doing your best when interviewing potential candidates. You will have a more relaxed interview and you will be able to find a candidate that’s the best fit.

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