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Almost Perfect Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S9


A new trend has been set up in 2017. Diagonal smartphones are growing, but the overall device dimensions are reduced. The first smartphone’s new ideology showed LG G6 model hinted at something that will seek flagships to all the manufacturers in this year, 2017. But the G6 did not spend a long time in the status of the discoverer. In April 2017, Samsung launched its first phone model after an unsuccessful Note 7, i.e., the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 / S8 + and now, is the turn for Galaxy S9 which is going to launch the next year.

The Samsung did a great job on the bugs for the last six months and this will be very helpful as we might have a phone like S9, which would, probably, be free of bugs. The list of what had to be corrected in the eighth generation of the flagship Galaxy S line turned out quite long. Work on the battery (here, Note 7), and the elimination of random folded screen (one of the most prominent problems Galaxy S7 Edge), and finishing of the braking proprietary software shell TouchWiz still need to be corrected. Most of the problems written in the list of the company succeeded to overcome, and there were little things that will be “polished” in the process.

The family Galaxy S8 is going to launch this year its two models, the S8 and S8 +, both with edge-screens, “flat” version of the flagship no longer exists. We can say that it becomes curved screen and is very attractive and expecting the upcoming S9 to follow the same trend of having an amazing screen and display.


The entire advertising campaign around the new products is built around the display S8, which are the Samsung proudly call “Infinity Display,” or “infinite baffle.” The difference in S8 and S8 + simply lies in the diagonal of the screen and battery volume: 5.8 inches and 3000 mAh respectively in the smaller model, 6.2 inches, and 3500 mAh respectively in S8 + and 5.7″ and 4200mAh in S9.

Briefly describing the display of S8 +, you may get something like a “best of the screen I’ve never seen anywhere before.” and the screen of S9 will be far better than S8, according to the rumour. However, this is a great screen of S8, but people are expecting so much from S9 screen and display. Display of S8 + stands out in following several respects and will be more improved and advanced in S9 if any problem is held with them in S8+.

  1. The non-standard aspect ratio
  2. Rounded corners
  3. Very high brightness
  4. Ability to fine-tune the color and display resolution

Information about one of the above items, i.e. the non-standard aspect ratio.

The non-standard aspect ratio (18.5:9 instead of the usual 16:9) indicates that, for example, in the view mode or Facebook browser (and perhaps while reading a book) placed on the screen for more information. On the other hand, most of the application is not yet able to work correctly with a similar aspect ratio and the games goes to S8 + with black bars left and right. The same applies to viewing content: video, for instance, on YouTube, play with the same stripes. Yes, the smartphone allows you to stretch the picture to fill the screen, but then the image is slightly cropped at the top and bottom, which is not very good. Some of the information gets lost as well (e.g., titles, if they go over the video), this problem would not be found in upcoming champion, Galaxy S9.

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