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Advertise Effectively Using Shop Front Signs

Advertising your business is the most effective way to let your potential customers know about your products and services. In this age of digital and social media, a lot of alternative advertising techniques have gained popularity, but the traditional methods of advertisement through signage are still popular and preferred by every business house. The majority of business houses, if not all, have storefront signs to attract customers to their services. Signage is an important element in making a good first impression, which is essentially also a lasting impression.

Advertise Effectively Using Shop Front Signs

Types of Signage

There are a few types of signs that you can use for your shop front to help attract target customers to your shop. The most important and the most indispensable among them is the fascia. The fascia is the sign that your customers will always notice first. A fascia bears the name of your shop and your business logo. A fascia may also include other information about your business, such as the address, phone number, and business hours.

The design of your fascia is important in making an impact on everyone who comes across it. A fascia design must be minimal, innovative, creative, attractive and impressive all at the same time. You may even choose to illuminate your fascia to help increase its visibility after dark.

Ideally, a fascia is accompanied by other shop front signs such as window advertisements and reception posters for maximum impact. These signs are simply a continuation of the fascia. The aim of the fascia is to arouse curiosity, while the other types of storefront signs indulge curiosity and attract potential customers to visit your shop to check your products and services.

Elements of a Good Shop Front Sign

  • The first element of a good shop front sign is brevity. While the fascia must include the shop or company name, logo, address and contact information, the other signs, such as the window signs and reception posters, must be short and precise. Hire a signage company with a good design team to help your business create short signs that are impact and witty.
  • Try to incorporate words like ‘You’ or ‘Your’ to make your customer visualize themselves using your products. It establishes a very intimate relationship with your customers.
  • Choice of background and font should not be too flamboyant or intricate, since there is risk of losing the desired impact of your message. Your signs should be easily readable by everyone who passes by your shop.
  • Test your sign to see if it is delivering what you expected. Before you finally put up the sign, make sure it can be read by passers-by clearly, and that the font is clear and the background is not too extravagant.
  • Always remember that for a shop front sign, less is always more. The simplest and most precise designs and messages have the greatest impact. People passing by your shop are usually in a hurry and they will have barely a few seconds to go through your sign. You will have to make the most of those precious few seconds to make a lasting impression.

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