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A Taste Of Kerala At Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us actually stick to this mantra? Many of us think of it as just a myth, but is there actually something to it? According to new research, one in four people in India regularly skip breakfast – and throughout the world, millions of others are doing the same; whether it’s because they supposedly don’t have enough time or because they are on a particular diet.

If that sounds like you, why not read below for some new breakfast ideas based on the foods of Kerala to kick-start your day?

Situated on the Malabar coast on India’s south-western tip, Kerala is commonly referred to as the ‘Land of Spices’. It is now one the few states in India where there is no differentiation a person’s social status and the foods they eat, meaning that Keralan people of all backgrounds and religions eat the same delicious dishes. Identifiable by its seafood, spices and use of coconut, Keralan cuisine also has a wonderful variety of breakfast dishes.

A Taste Of Kerala At Breakfast

In fact, it’s actually difficult knowing where to start when we talk about popular Keralan breakfasts options. As with most meals in this coastal state, dishes served at this time of day feature around rice – including puttu, idli and idiyappam, to name just a few.

Puttu are cylinders of ground rice and coconut, which are steamed until fluffy and usually enjoyed with sweet black coffee. They can also served sweet or savoury – for example, with steamed bananas and sugar or a spicy vegetable curry. Idli are small, savoury cakes made from rice and black lentils, and finally, idiyappam (or string hoppers) are steamed noodles made with a mix of rice flour, salt and water. These are served at breakfast with either coconut milk and sugar, or with curry and coconut chutney.

Kahala curry is another key element of the Keralan breakfast. This comforting food is made using kala chana (brown chickpeas) and flavoured with chilli, ginger, onion, tomato and coconut. A flavourful combination of spices is roasted and ground to add further flavour to the dish. Kahala is an energy-filled curry that can be served with dosa, appam or chapatti, but is best eaten with puttu.

Egg roast is another favourite breakfast food among the people of Kerala. It is made by cooking sliced onions with chillies, ginger, garlic paste and spices, before adding tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and water and leaving to simmer. It is then eaten warm with appam.

If you are one of those people who always seems to skip breakfast, why not treat your body to a hearty lunch on those days when you’ve skipped your morning meal? Some of the most popular Indian brasseries in London serve an array of wholesome and authentic dishes inspired by the foods of Kerala and beyond. With dishes that reflect the kinds of flavours you would find in homes throughout India, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a balanced and nutritious meal.

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