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A Small Business Owner's Guide To Surviving An Office Remodel

There comes a time in the history of many small businesses when they outgrow their current space. You may have physically outgrown your current office area or your business may have simply evolved to the extent that you require a revised layout. Regardless of the motivation, you’ve decided that now is the time to take on an office remodel. This is both good news and bad. The good news is that your business is growing and doing well enough to merit a serious overhaul in your current digs. The not-so-good news is that there’s no way to avoid the inconveniences that come with undergoing a renovation while still trying to maintain everyday operations. Follow these tips to survive your office remodel.

Communicate With Everyone

The most important thing you can do through all stages of this process is to communicate well with all stakeholders. This means talking to everyone the work space redesign affects from the earliest planning stages until the very last nail is hammered. Doing so can save you frustration, time and money. Talk to your designer and contractor to be sure everyone is on the same page. Invite input from your employees to determine their needs. This insight can improve both efficiency and satisfaction in your workers. Also be sure to communicate with anyone who is going to be in the building during the renovation process to be sure they are aware of possible safety hazards like paint fumes, wet floor or electric cords strewn about the walkways.

Be Flexible

There are bound to be times during this renovation project when you will need to make some changes in the way you do things. In order to get the remodeling done and keep your employees safe, you may find that you need to get creative in your temporary office set-up. It’s important to keep your staff away from flying debris, dust particles and dangerous fumes. Setting up short-term working areas in a cafeteria or alternative space may be necessary. Make sure you rent a dumpster from a dumpster rental service, like Tri-State Disposal, to avoid piles of discarded material being left around your office and parking lot. This will help you keep the construction area clean and safe for your employees.

Prepare to Close Shop

Parts of your office remodel may be too involved or dangerous for your workers to remain in the building. You’ll have to have a contingency plan in place for this inevitability. Shorter workdays, working from home or closing your business for a few days might be necessary.

Planning and communication are essential to surviving an office remodel. Know that it will be worth it in the end.

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