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Video – Nigerian Girl Strangled & Killed In Italy | MJ Celebrity Magazine

A Nigerian girl of about 30 years old, and goes by the name Jessica was found dead few weeks ago in the industrial area between Carinaro and Gricignano, near Morris bicycle factory , Italy.
The body of the deceased was found naked and without documents for identification and two clean knives were found beside the body. Thou the body didn’t show any visible trace of violence or injuries from firearms and sharp weapons, but she may have been strangled.

Photos – Another Nigerian Girl Has Been Killed In Rome, Italy

An employee of a company in the industrial zone gave the alram when he found the dead body of the lady and the police were called in. I tired to reach the Aversa police department and was asked to call back for more information.

Another Nigerian Girl Killed in Spain by A Kung fu world champion Juan Carlos Aguilar



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