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A Guide To Guest Posting Effectively

Guest Post
Guest posting right now is still the most effective means of building links to your website but it needs to be done effectively. If you are just hammering the entire guest posting communities to publish content that then links back to your website then eventually your website will be penalised. There are many big brands that have outsourced their link building overseas with little knowledge of the sites that their guest posts are being published on. If you want to guest post yourself then take a look at some of the things not to do.

1. Over use of Anchor Text

Using anchor text out of context just sends out the wrong signals. If the anchor text links have no real relevance to the article then you can be sure that Google will pick this up. If this procedure is repeated constantly then there is no doubt that your website will eventually be hit. Anchor text must be natural and use other terms like generic anchor text such as click here. Having other authority links that link to Wikipedia etc can also make the article look more natural.

2. Not including an Author Bio

Author bios are one way of ensuring that content is given credibility and is attributed to the writer. With Google + authorship also allowing writers to be recognised against the content they write, this will also help potential readers to identify you. By having an author bio, your foot print is highlighted and by getting your content published on trusted blogs, Google can add more authority to your site which will certainly help your rankings.

3. Posting on Low Quality Blogs or Link Farms

Many guest blogging communities such as blogger link-up and my guest blog see link builders contacting every blog possible to get potential links. In many cases the more the better no matter the quality of the blog. There are many bloggers who own sites and will charge to publish an article no matter what the quality is provided. Again in the long term having your content published on such sites will only damage your own website in the future. The panda update initially targeted content farms and blogs that publish any form of content and are really no different. It would be advisable to stay well clear of these blogs. You should always look closely at the sites that you want to publish on ensuring that the quality of content published is high. Remember if Google thinks the site is a spam site then websites that link to such blogs will suffer.

4. Publishing Content that has Poor Grammar and Errors

As guest posting has suddenly exploded on to the scene as the most effective means of building links, there has been a massive influx of overseas companies, agencies and individual bloggers capitalising on the opportunity to make money from paid guest posting. In many cases the content being sent or distributed may be poor quality or written by copywriters who have a very poor command of English. Blogs that publish such content will only be penalized in the long term. Such blogs again will be highlighted by Google as spam. Who you link to will always be the most important element to consider when looking to get your content published.
Guest posting is still an effective means of getting your content out to new audiences whilst also building links. There are many blogs that will generally publish anything and these are likely to be devalued in time. Finding a Guest posting service preferably run by a legitimate marketing agency can be an option. If you want to it yourself then follow some of the advice provided. Remember a getting a link from a quality blog will take time and effort but the value of acquiring such a link will be worth it in the long term.
Author Bio: This post was provided by Magnetize PR. As well as providing a guest posting service, they also offer full inbound marketing services including Social media campaigns, SEO consultancy, content marketing and blogger outreach.

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