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A Complete Guide for Plex G Drive – Cloud Feature of Plex Server

Are you using your own hosting server? Are you taking the leverage of Plex Media Server to stream movies online? If so, then you must be recognizing a change in the media server in recent times.

No? Don’t worry we are here to guide you about this new additional feature of Plex Server.

Plex, the media server has recently added a cloud feature – Plex G Drive. The name itself suggests that the Plex server has something or the other with the cloud. Any idea what is it?

Let’s start with its definition followed by the benefits and how to connect Plex with the cloud.

What is Plex G Drive?

Plex G Drive or Plex Google Drive is a cloud-based media server that not just allows streaming of media files but even perform the entire job in the cloud.

We guess you understand what’s the meaning of cloud in a server? Means, both uploading and downloading of files will be done perfectly in the cloud. This gives rise to plenty of benefits. Let’s talk about them in a flow.

4 Advantages of Plex Google Drive to Learn

  1. Advanced security feature: The best thing about Plex G Drive is the advanced security feature it possesses. Cloud data always remain secure than the data loaded in a device.
    Due to its backend support, it is hard for the attackers to steal the data or modify it for their purpose. They are highly secured with strong codes and need proper authentication to access the files.
  2. Easy to access: Google drive can be accessed from anywhere anytime, just you need to have an ample amount of internet facility. All your media files that are stored in the cloud can either be further downloaded to the device for accessing later on or you can preview them on G Drive as well. That’s what the Plex G Drive is.
  3. No risk of data loss: Risk is associated with those media files that are loaded in devices. For example, the past version of the Plex server where you download your media files to watch later on. They all are temporary. With the decline of the device, the data also ruins and it is hard to retrieve them further.

    This won’t happen in case you are using Plex G Drive. Even if the device gets destroyed, you can again access them from the cloud. It’s there for you forever.

  4. No shortage of space: Why looking for space when you have endless space in the cloud? Yes, Plex G Drive gives you the opportunity to use endless space for their media files. No matter how large the size is, you can download them in the cloud without any hesitation. They won’t warn you showing, “you are running out of space.

How to Connect Google Drive with Plex Media Server?

  1. Login to your Plex server account.
  2. Choose the drop-down menu present at the upper-right corner of the screen and take your cursor to the Account option.
  3. Go to the “Account” page. Here you will find the “Plex Cloud” option. Click this to establish the connection.
  4. Here you will discover the “Link” option. Click it and choose the link that connects you to Plex Cloud. There are other links as well that will help you to connect your Plex server with One Drive and Dropbox.
  5. You have your own Google account, right? Open your Gmail and visit the Google Drive that you have recently linked your Plex server.
  6. On the visible screen, you will find a pop up that is asking for permission for managing Google drive files, email address, and other information. Click the “Allow” button and redirect your home page to Plex media server home screen.
  7. Login to the Plex account again and get started with your Plex G Drive.
    Just a few steps and you will be blessed with a Plex cloud server. Plex G Drive is thus a perfect partner for the media server users.
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