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7 Ravishing Bangles Complimenting Your Outfit

Bangles are historically traditional, they’re cultural, and they look attractive and catch the attention of others if they make jingling sounds, but there is so much more to them than that. They are nowadays worn as adornment elements, casually in everyday lives too. Simple or complicated designs, bracelets and bangles are widely worn by women all over the world. However, women usually wear bracelets that match their clothing and attire. Here we have compiled a list of bracelets that can be worn matching with your clothing.

1.    Blue multi-element bracelet

White and turquoise blue bangles are a good and stylish combination of colors. These bangles are a multiple style of bangles placed in one set which includes plain blue plain, beige with decorative items hanging on them and bangles with pearls too. They look trendy and stylish in collection.  They complement dresses of all colors.7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit

2.    Black and white tassel bracelet

This chained bracelet on a jet black bangle along with pure white and jet black colors, with an addition of golden makes it a good wear for your traditional dresses and occasions. It can also be worn on wedding and similar functions, since the glamour is glittering. 7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit-1

3.    Fashion Apricot Round bracelet

Alluring look can be gained with this bracelet as although it is called apricot but the shade is beige and goes perfect with nude colored dresses and make up.7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit-2

4.    Vogue green bracelet

The charming shade of this bracelet is eye catchy and looks exotic with almost all colored dresses, however it looks charismatic with shades of black.7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit-3

5.    Silver Color Geometry Fashion bracelet

This is one of the most trendy bangles which are silver chains joined together in the form of bangles which can be worn on wedding occasions and functions as well as casual wear too. It is mostly worn on festive occasions.7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit-4

6.    Fashion pearl bracelets

Multi colored fashion bangles are made for all colored dresses. You can buy these several colors altogether and match them up with your dresses to wear whatever color you like.7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit-5

7.    Three colored bracelets

Bangles with three different colors and the ever shining colors of blue and pink with a touch of golden looks wonderful. Try these with your traditional dresses.7-ravishing-bangles-complimenting-your-outfit-6

If you’re looking for these bracelets or any such similar bangles in Dubai, try some bangles shopping online from jewelry stores online that offer wide variety of jewelry styles and designs.

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