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7 Best Android Apps that will Dazzle You

Gone are the days when one needed to browse the internet to accomplish every small function. In the past decade, you had to switch to PC for small tasks that you could not complete on a cell phone. Thank you android mobile devices like Nexus 4, now you can play, work and have fun on your smartphone using different apps.
Applications can be understood by the layman as portion of software that are designed to accomplish one dedicated function or a set of functions. You can easily find loads of app directories with description texts and supporting info that tell you what an app can do for you. Let’s take a look at 7 best android apps you should install on your android smartphone to make the best use of your android phone.

Intuit Quicken 2014

The reason this app makes the top-of-the-list is its extreme usability. While you can easily find innumerable games and other quick fun apps, this one will help you in practically managing your finance.
Just download Intuit Quicken 2014 on your Android phone and forget about the hassles of managing your bank account. From expenses to savings, it will handle everything! You will get automated alerts for every transaction and a lot more.

Tunester Music Player

Bored of the age-old ways of playing your music? Revive your melody spirit with Tunester Music Player on your Android mobile phone. It’s easy, it’s beautiful and it’s fun. Do I need to say more? You can see all your music on a single screen and it is perfect on the way.

Avast Mobile Back Up

Well, who isn’t afraid of losing their precious cell phone data. No one these days cares to back up their contacts and other important stuff from the phone onto somewhere tangible. With Avast! Mobile Back up, it is easier done than said.
Contacts, photos, music, SMS, videos and apps; you can practically take the back up of your whole Android device with this simple app.

Avast Mobile Security

Only someone who has faced the nuisance of a cell phone virus will know the effectiveness of Avast! Mobile Security. It is a must-have app for every Android phone because you really don’t want your negligence to cause you such a huge damage.

Opera Mini

Needless to say, Opera Mini is the fastest browser available. Well, you will have to do away without the Flash, but rest assured, it’s the backward compatible and also runs using the minimum possible bandwidth, beating out all other mobile browsers.
Now Let’s take a look at some top android game apps.

Angry Birds

Rovio made a fortune with Angry birds! When they launched it for the iOS, they would have never thought to become a billion dollar company, but now they seem to have everything to remain in the news. Apart from iOS, angry birds is also the most selling app on android.

Temple Run

Imangi Studios has perfectly rendered this app for smartphones making it one of the most downloaded app on iOS and android. You must have it on your android; it’s really addictive.

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