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6 Ways To Ensure Data Security Within Your Business

Data security is a vital area of concern for every business. Protection of data helps secure financial details, customer information, and other basic business data. Perfect data protection in any business set-up keeps information safe, ensuring that the people involved follow relevant data protection rules and legislation. It is crucial to keep all data updated and accurate, meaning that reviewing and updating records has to be a regular procedure. To reduce chances of data protection breach, a business ought to put systems and policies in place. Ultimately, a culture of responsibility in data protection will need to be established. So, how can a business ensure data protection?

Strong Firewall

A well-protected network cannot be achieved without the presence of a firewall. A firewall protects the business network by controlling the traffic flowing into the business through the internet. With firewall, everything that gets into the computer is monitored. It lets good data in and blocks bad data from getting into the computer.

Security Audit

What parts of your business are vulnerable and what data needs protection? Well, if you do not know what to protect, it becomes hard to secure business data. It is vital to work with a professional to carry out an audit of the entire IT infrastructure including the network, computers, and mobile devices. That will help in determining the right way to prevent hackers from accessing business data.

Strong and Multiple Passwords

Strong passwords strengthen security. It is necessary to use a combination of lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols to make the password hard to crack. Make the password contain at least 8 characters. It is also a good idea to make sure that you don’t have all of your passwords written down somewhere that they can be easily accessible.

Data Encryption

This is a great security tool in cases where data is stolen. For instance, when a company’s drive is stolen, no one can access the details if the data was encrypted. This is definitely a great way to keep your company’s data safe and secure no matter what.

Data Backup

It is imperative to schedule regular backup to an external drive or in the cloud. This ensures all business data is stored safely. At least, have weekly backups in the servers. There should also be incremental backups every day. Once backed up, the data should be tested to ensure that it can be recovered when needed. Getting data compromised is an awful experience that can destabilize any business.

Careful Surfing of the Web

Unsuspecting employees are likely to click on a link that could end up getting virus into their computers. Understand that links are the top causes of malware on business computers. As such, employees should be discouraged from downloading attachments or clicking on links they do not know the origination whether in an email or IM. It is vital to understand that each piece of software comes with its set of security vulnerabilities.

As a business owner, manager, or employee, it is necessary to understand the importance of company data and the measures that can be taken to protect it. For those interested in protecting their sensitive data from threats companies, such as Stealthbits, can really help provide a great alternative to other software. Not only do companies like this help you detect abnormal account behavior, but they also assess the risk associated with the behavior.

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