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6 Ways To Easily Marketing Your Business Using Social Media Networks

6 Ways To Easily Marketing Your Business Using Social Media Networks

Social media networks have changed marketing in many ways. They have provided new and exciting opportunities for businesses. They have also empowered consumers in ways that were not possible in the past. Social media is an important part of any modern marketing plan. There are six ways to easily market a business using social media networks.

Hold a Contest

Contests in any form attract a large amount of attention. This is especially true on social media networks. The contest could be for a valuable free product, a gift card or branded promotional items. Entry into the contest should require some action on the network such as following or liking the business or making a posting. The contest will attract many people from a wide variety of market segments. This will create awareness about the business.

Post Images

Text-only social media postings are easily ignored by people who see hundreds of messages every day. Posting carefully crafted images is an effective marketing technique. Images on most social media networks receive more attention than text postings. Images that showcase a product, define the brand or make a statement will create interest in the business. Good images are a way to stand out in an oversaturated social media network.

Encourage Reviews from Customers

Word of mouth advertising is still very effective. Social media networks expand the marketing power of positive word of mouth. Businesses should encourage satisfied customers to make social media postings about the good experience. A collection of positive testimonials will add legitimacy to the business while also increasing consumer trust. Businesses can offer incentives like coupons or future discounts to customers who post reviews.

Live Broadcasts

Users of social media networks are used to interacting in real time. Businesses can attract immediate and sustained attention by holding a live broadcast through the network. The live broadcast could be a question and answer session based on incoming posts. Some companies are now broadcasting internal meetings to show consumers how decisions are made about environmental issues. Live broadcasts will bring people to the social media site.

Generate Shareable Content

Social media networks are about creating relationships and sharing ideas. Businesses should make every effort to make postings and content that readers want to share with others. Sharing or reposting content will get the business out into the network. It could attract attention from people who might never have encountered the company otherwise. Shareable content can also establish the expertise of the business quickly.

Start and Sustain Conversations

Social media marketing is a two-way channel. Businesses need to engage consumers through the network. This means starting and sustaining conversations. Businesses can post questions or polls asking for responses. Responding to consumers will drive a conversation. This conversation can convert leads, establish expertise and develop the core brand.

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