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6 Sure-Fire Ways To Retain Your Best Clients

Organizations worry about retaining their clients. It’s not easy hunting for solutions to retain clients, while juggling a business and trying to perform the best service possible. The fact is that some clients are simply going to slip through the organization’s fingers, unless solutions are well in place beforehand.

SolutionReach Patient Relationship Management has a few tips to share. It begins with creating reminders. For example, automated recall reminders streamline the process. Let’s take a closer look at 6 sure fire ways to retain your best clients.

Special Treatment

Every client likes to think that they are special. It is up to the organization to make the client feel special and highly regarded by the organization. Make sure that your best clients always receive special treatment that goes far beyond the norm for new clients. Remember, your best clients are the ones that deal primarily with your organization and have brought your organization the most money and referrals. Offer them exclusive deals or discounts on services.

Live Customer Support

Make it super easy for clients to contact the company. Provide email addresses, website contact, telephone numbers. Make sure that the client communicates with a real person and not a computerized message. Taking this step increases loyalty.

Personal Touches

Let the client know that they are valued by the organization by keeping in touch with them on important days. Keep those days on the calendar or as an automated reminder that is set up by the organization. Send the client a card on their birthday. Here is another idea: send the client an anniversary card on the date that they first contacted your group.

Personalized Messages

Never send out email messages or newsletters with “Dear Client.” Personalize the message and create a positive bond with the client. Positive bonds lead to client loyalty. Use the client’s correct name on all messages, newsletters, and correspondence.

Special Deals

Respond to client loyalty with special deals and promotions through the year. Reward those best clients with reward points, reward cards, or discounts that are very exclusive. Target the major holidays. Another idea is to reward the client with a special discount or deal on their birthday.

Well-Trained Staff

Make sure that the staff is well trained to focus on the client’s needs. They should know how to really listen to the client and offer them viable solutions to concerns.

Use the tips included here to increase the loyalty factor among your clients.

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