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6 Fashion Rules You Must Remember While Buying a Pair of Leggings

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Leggings- the trend may come and go but it will always be loved by everyone. However, there are women who make several fashion mistakes while wearing a pair of leggings. Choose the wrong pair of leggings and you could look disastrous. Wear your leggings the right way and flaunt your beautiful figure. In most cases, women love to stay updated with the ongoing trends but don’t know the right way to wear a particular outfit. Has it ever happened to you that you wore a particular outfit and it did not end up looking as desired? Don’t worry! You don’t need to consult a fashion stylist or a designer. Here are the 6 fashion rules you must remember while buying a pair of leggings wholesale. Follow these simple tips recommended by stylists and wear the right pair of leggings that will make you look stylish and fashion conscious.

1 Leggings have no siblings

Most people confuse a pair of leggings with their formal counterparts. You don’t even think for a minute before slipping into your pants and a shirt when you are simply going out somewhere. However, it is not advisable to wear a pair of leggings in a formal setting. For that, there are many other options available. A typical formal shirt would end near your waist whereas the leggings call for long top or a t shirt as it would be too revealing otherwise. Leggings may look really stylish and feel comfortable but they must be avoided at work. Even in an informal setting, a pair of leggings wholesale cannot be worn with a tight outfit.

2 Leggings are versatile

Yes, they are! You can wear them with a long shirt. This look is ideal for those little dressier occasions. It simply looks amazing and elegant. You can also wear your favourite pair of leggings wholesale with a long top. Don’t even think of wearing it with a regular size top as it will end up revealing a bit too much. It is not just a rule but wearing a pair of leggings along with a long top also looks aesthetically appealing.

3 Length matters

The ideal length of your leggings is right above the ankles. If it starts getting shorter, then it is time to say goodbye to your old pair of leggings wholesale. You can always wear them on the days when you are not going to step out.

4 Printed or plain?

It is sad but true that a pair of printed leggings looks good on taller women as print really compliments those long legs. If you are looking for something that is practical and useful in your daily life, stick to a pair of solid leggings as they match most of your tops. When it comes to colours, go for dark colours as they make a women look more attractive. You can choose colours like charcoal grey, navy blue and the all time favourite black. Avoid printed leggings to your workplace at all costs.

5 Occasion

This is actually the most important rule before choosing any outfit. Ask yourself one simple question- Where are you planning to wear a pair of leggings? Leggings can be worn to work in exceptional situations but strictly not during job interviews as your impression is at stake. Leggings wholesale are considered casual and hence they must not be worn to weddings and parties as well.

6 Footwear

Wear the right footwear along with your pair of leggings to pull off the look effortlessly. Leggings look good with boots, sandals, ballet shoes, moccasins etc.

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