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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Isn't Targeted by Burglars

Running a business can be stressful. There are too many things to worry about than to spend time worrying about a potential break in. To minimize your likelihood of becoming a potential target, there are a few things to think about when trying to insure the security of your business.


Security cameras can be a great way to safeguard your business. New technology allows cameras to be monitored from your home computer or even your tablet or cell phone. Worst case, if your business is robbed, security footage can be helpful to law enforcement in finding the culprit.Even having inoperable or dummy cameras installed on the inside and outside of your building, can be a deterrent to burglars. This won’t prevent criminals who are very determined, but it could make petty thieves think twice.

Secure Windows

Especially for businesses in multi-story buildings, ensuring that all of the windows are locked or barred is essential. Windows always constitute a weakness in a building. Forcing a burglar to break a window in order to enter, can further expose them to the chance of being caught.Windows near fire escapes can be especially vulnerable and should always be locked. Fire escapes present a way for burglars to easily access the upper floors of a building and fire escape windows are not able to be barred. You can keep security sensors on your windows so that if they are broken or opened, your alarm will alert you and police that there is a problem.

Proper Lighting

It may sound basic, but having sufficient lighting around and inside your business is one of the most effective deterrents to burglars.Parking lots should be well lit, in addition to the space leading to your storefront. Back entrances should also be bright, to avoid shadowy corners where a burglar could lurk.It is also important to light the interior of your space, so that if burglars make it into your building, they are visible from the street. Hiring a professional in commercial electrical services is an easy way to add light posts and other safety lighting to your business.

Alarm Systems

If the threat of burglary is high, or your budget allows, installing a professional alarm system can be extremely effective. The presence of an alarm is a great deterrent and if your building is broken into, you are likely to have a much swifter response than buildings not monitored by a security company.Modern security systems are very customizable to the needs of your business. The chances of a false alarm are much slimmer than in the past. You have a variety of option for security and can use door sensors, motion sensors or cameras with your security system.

Limit Cash on Hand

Even if you do all you can to secure your business, it is still a good policy to limit the amount of cash left on site each night. Security companies are available to pick up cash on a regular basis, making it less likely that a break in will result in much loss. Cash is much easier to steal stealthily than say a television, so there should only be a day’s worth of cash on site at any time.Using a few commonsense policies, it is possible to limit the chances that your business will suffer a loss due to a burglary. That way, your hard-won earnings stay in your pocket.

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