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5 Top Restaurant Policies To Keep Your Customers Healthy

Diners who patronize restaurants are growing more concerned about being able to access healthy dining options. With that in mind, there exist some restaurant policies that benefit patrons and help to keep them healthy. Indeed, there are four top restaurant policies that help keep a restaurant’s patrons healthier.

Control Portion Size

Over the course of the past couple of decades, many restaurants the world over have taken the stance that bigger is better. Portion size in restaurants of all types have increased dramatically. Many dietary experts maintain that the increase in portion size at restaurants has been to the detriment of patrons’ health.

While a restaurant certainly wants its patrons to believe that they get a good deal for money spent, large portion sizes do not equate with higher quality or more enjoyable dining experiences. A policy that can work to keep customers healthier is brining portion size down to a more moderate level, to a level recommended by dietary professionals. If you do so, however, be sure to consider a similar reduction in price.

Eliminate Trans-fats

Another policy that works to the benefit of restaurant patrons is eliminating trans-fat from the menu. Indeed, a growing number of restaurants are doing this of their own accord. In addition, here and there municipalities are requiring restaurants to lessen or eliminate trans-fat from menus.

Medical and dietary experts are virtually united in recommending that trans-fat should be completely eliminated from diets. There simply are too many negative consequences associated with consuming this type of fat.

Keep the Restaurant Pest-Free

Restaurants are attractive to pests of all types. A key policy to keep customers healthy is to ensure that a venue remains pest free. Oftentimes, this means contracting a pest control service like North Shore Pest Detective Ltd. to ensure that a restaurant remains free of bugs, rodents and other unwanted varmints.

Clearly Delineate Nutrition Information

An important step that a restaurant can take to assist customer’s in making healthier choices is to clearly delineate nutrition information for all menu items. This can be done on the menu itself or on a supplemental informational piece available to a customer upon request.

By providing clearly delineated nutrition information for all menu items, patrons will be able to make better-informed choices when they order at your restaurant. They will be able to better maintain a healthier diet, even when eating out at a favorite bistro.

Less Meat, More Fruits and Veggies

In the vast majority of restaurants in many countries the world over, meat is the centerpiece of a meal. A policy your restaurant can adopt to provide patrons with healthier dining choices is to lessen the volume of meat served and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Health, medial and diet experts all maintain that people would be far healthier by adjusting their diets in this way.

By following these policies, a restaurant will remain attractive to customers. A restaurant will garner a positive reputation in the short and the long term.

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