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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Commercial Building

Commercial real estate demands a different level of maintenance than residential property. Some of the reasons for this are size, type of HVAC equipment, waste management, and cleaning responsibilities. Depending on the type of lease, tenants may be responsible for cleaning services, but this is generally not the cause. Here are five tips to make it seamless to maintain your commercial building.

Professional Cleaning Service

The aesthetics of commercial buildings require regular cleaning of the interiors. There are several types of flooring such as carpeting, tile, and others that use different cleaning methods and equipment. Lobbies and other common areas need to have decorative accents such as furniture, wall hangings or artificial plants dusted. Bathrooms necessitate another daily protocol to keep mirrors, floors, and stalls clean. Windows cleaning is also major consideration. The prudent option is to partner with professional cleaners with a proven track-record in commercial building maintenance. Negotiate a contract with an appropriate schedule that covers the gamut.

Versatile Recycling Services

Commercial buildings have been advocates for Eco-friendly waste disposal for decades. Most have some form of a recycling program for tenants. This feature calls for services of a versatile recycling business with diverse waste management bins, such a West Bin. With bins like these you will have options such as commercial specialty and skip bins removed on a set schedule. The amount and type of waste will vary depending on the type of commercial building in question. Ensure they have an inventory to accommodate this requirement with bin sizes that range from 12M to 30M.

Maintain Building Equipment

To keep commercial buildings cool during the summer and warm in the winter without incidents, demands inspection and service before they breakdown. A reputable HVAC company is crucial. Any contract should stipulate a small window of turnaround for service calls. Tenants depend on management to meet this responsibility without being left in the heat or cold.

Repair Issues Quickly

Never let falling tile or broken bathrooms linger. If there is a known or even new repair issue, resolve it quickly. A maintenance employee or reliable firm will do nicely for completing minor repairs. Regular building inspections should be performed with notations of any concerns found. A proactive stance will save capital and keep the building looking pristine.

Remember the Exterior

Commercial buildings have curb appeal like their residential counterpart. Exteriors are not always a high priority even though they are low hanging maintenance fruit. Manicured green spaces and spotless parking lots and garages keep buildings full with a wait-list of interested tenants. A respected service with experience in this type of real estate maintenance can tackle this responsibility seamlessly.

These tips can keep your commercial building in stellar condition. The keys to maintenance are finding the right partners and a regular schedule. Once these expectations are met, management will be stress-free.

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