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5 Tips For Designing A Better Business Brochure

Don’t think you need to be a design expert to put together a standout company brochure. If you have something you need to say, a brochure is an ideal way. Brochures, with the right care and attention, can draw new customers to your store or boost your sales. A brochure can tell people all about you, and inspire them to find out more. But a brochure needs to be well-designed to be effective. Here are a few simple tips for better business brochures, the easy way.

  1. Know What You Want to Do

Before you start designing your brochure, be clear why you are doing it. It is not really enough to simply want a brochure – the most successful brochure printing is completed when there is a reason for the brochure. Come up with a brief for what you want to achieve with your brochure, whether that is the successful launch of a new product or to publicise an annual report.

  1. Keep Font Changes to a Minimum

When you are designing a brochure for brochure printing, keep an eye on the number of fonts you use. You don’t need to be flashy or surprising with fonts. The best brochures look professional, uncluttered, and clear.

  1. Hone Your Copy

Great brochure printing design does not start and end with images. An excellent brochure makes excellent use of copy. You need to consider copy at a start stage of designing a brochure as you will largely build the design around what you want to say. Try not to leave the copy until after the design has been completed as you may not get a good fit.

  1. Put Your Readers First

Think about what your audience will get from the brochure, and what they want. What is the purpose of the brochure for your audience? Will they be pleased with what it says to them? The best-designed brochure in the world will not be as successful as a well-targeted brochure that really speaks to the relevant people.

  1. Go for Simple Statements

Often the best business brochure will be the simplest, boldest brochure in terms of content and design. Look at the easiest, clearest way you can think of telling your story. A lot of clutter and detail can make a brochure off-putting, and it prevents people from easily accessing your story. The same goes for the colours you use, and the images. If something looks too much, it will take away from your overall message and dilute the potential power of a brochure for your brand.

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