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5 Tips For Controlling Spiders In Your House

5 Tips For Controlling Spiders In Your House

Are you having problems with spiders in your home? While some people may not view a few spiders as a pest problem, spiders can quickly multiply and become out of control. The best way to combat a spider problem is to address the issue as soon as you notice it, but if the problem has begun to escalate there are a few things that you can do to help control the spiders including contacting a Vancouver Pest Control company. Read on for 5 tips that will help you with your spider problem:

5 Tips For Controlling Spiders In Your House

  1. Spider control is not always perfect.
    The number one thing to remember about spider control is that chemicals may not be very effective against spiders. Along with other methods, spraying can help to get rid of spiders, but alone it does not often get rid of the entire problem. Because spiders have long lets, surface residue does not touch their bodies, and will only stick to their feet. Once the chemical is on their feet, it is unlikely that it will travel up to their organs and kill the spider. More creative ways are needed in order to get rid of a spider problem.
  2. Contact is needed.
    Since spray residue on the ground doesn’t often kill spiders, you will need direct contact with spray, a fly swat, a shoe, or anything else you choose. Many insects such as ants or wasps routinely clean themselves with their mouths, and this way will ingest a chemical. Spiders only occasionally pick large particles off of their legs, so there is no guarantee that they will be killed unless they come into direct contact with a method of control.
  3. Contact can be made in a few ways.
    Luckily for some who don’t like to be in close quarters with spiders, there is one exception to the ‘direct contact’ rule. If a spider often moves between cracks in your flooring, baseboards, trim, or carpet, spraying that area may kill the spider. Since the spider may have to squeeze through the crack, it is likely that its body will come into contact with the spray.
  4. Control the food source; control the spiders.
    If you really want to get rid of the spiders that run and jump around your house constantly, you have to take away their food source in order to force them to leave. Spiders eat many other insects, so you can often control your spider population by controlling the other insects. You will find some spider varieties near light sources in order to attract more insects, while other varieties are more active and will seek out their food anywhere.
  5. Get rid of other insects.
    Often if you target other insects, your spider population will dwindle too. Getting a professional insecticide treatment can help wipe out bugs, but other remedies such as sticky traps work too. These traps are non-pesticide traps, and are often good alternatives for homes with children or pets. One of the best ways to get a spider to stick to these traps is to have other bugs stick to it first.

So now you know a few tricks on how to control your spider problem. If you have any further questions, or need assistance removing spiders, contact Local Pest Control today.

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