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5 Things To Do When Visiting San Francisco

San Franciso is one of the most diverse cities in the world. You can find people from different corners of the world here. Besides a rich cuisine, the city also has mountains, beaches, and is blessed with nature’s beauty. It is definitely one of the cities people often dream of visiting and this is why you should know what all to visit and places you can skip when visiting San Francisco.



It is almost impossible to visit every place in a city in one visit, especially when on a budget trip. As such, you need a list of must-visit places which makes it easier for you to plan your trip and plan (make reservations) accordingly. You can also find tips for traveling to San Francisco on famous travel blogs. This list contains top places you must visit when in San Francisco.

Visit Ferry Building Marketplace

What is the first thing you want to do in a new place? For me, it’s food. It doesn’t matter whether I am in a new city or country, I always have to try the cuisine or the local food of the place. Ferry Building Marketplace is one of the most visited places in San Franciso and is famous for its food. You can find food for every mood here. Eat oysters from Hog island Oyster Company, burgers from Gott’s Roadside, chocolates from the famous Dandelion Chocolate, and drink beer at Fort Point Beer Company.

The Glorious Golden Bridge Gate

One of the most crowded and photographed places in San Francisco is The Golden Bridge Gate. The bridge stands on 746 feet tall pillars. It is open for bikes and cars 24*7. You can also enjoy the view from its sidewalk between 5 AM to 6:30 PM. Find the beautiful Ocean Beach in the famous Golden Gate National Park nearby which extends for 3.5 miles and is not very crowded. It can help you relax all the while with a scenic view of the ocean and birds.

Must Visit Alcatraz Island

Have you ever been to prison? No sir, not sentenced by the court but, for fun? The prison at the island used to be one of the most popular prisons until 1963. It was known because many famous criminals were locked in here like Al Capone, the Birdman, etc. A decade later, in 1973, it opened as a tourist attraction because of the attached curiosity around it. There is 35-minutes audio here explaining the stories of its inmates which is highly recommended.

Ride In Cable Car

San Francisco savors its famous Cable Cars and you can still find 3 Cable Car lines. They are the only manually-operated cable cars left in the whole world. They carry a long legacy and were built in 1873. Right now, most of the passengers in these cable cars are tourists. Try these cable cars to get a totally unique view of San Francisco.

There are many such places to visit in San Francisco. You can also go to Chinatown, The Presidio Of San Francisco, San Francisco Museum of Art, and many more! You can always follow tips for traveling listed on popular travel blogs. They have the best listings on accommodation, food, etc. that helps you make the most of your budget-friendly trip. Plan your trip to San Francisco today!

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