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5 Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Office

5 Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Office

When many people think about office buildings, they think about buildings that are drab and dark. Obviously, this can be an unpleasant place for you and your employees to work. A darker environment makes you sleepy, but a brighter environment will promote wakefulness and, in turn, productivity. You can follow these five tips to make your office much brighter and more pleasant.

Make It More Open

For one thing, consider making your office more open. Gone are the days when tons of separate cubicles and walls are ideal for office buildings. Breaking down walls and creating nice, open workspaces is a much better choice, as it allows better collaboration between teams, eliminates the feeling of being isolated, and creates more areas of light in the workplace.

Add a Coat of Paint

If you haven’t painted your office in a long time, or if your office walls are painted in a drab shade of gray or beige, then it’s time to bring in a painting crew to refresh the place. Try colors like blue or green to help yourself and your employees become more focused and efficient and to add a touch of color to the place.

Add New Lighting

Fluorescent lighting might have been all the rage for offices in the past, but it’s not your best choice now. Making sure that there is ample, bright and energy-efficient lighting throughout the building is important. You may also want to offer multiple levels of lighting; for example, along with having overhead lights, consider adding desk lamps and floor lamps throughout the office so that workers can set their work lighting based off of their needs and preferences.

Put in More Windows

If your employees have to stare at walls all day, it’s not unreasonable to think that they might be bored or that they might feel closed in. You can immediately brighten up and improve your office by installing plenty of new windows. Pay attention to the direction your building is facing so you can avoid having the sun shine in workers’ eyes. If you’re looking to install new windows in your office, why not try these out?

Add Live Plants

Adding a few live plants throughout your office can help you instantly brighten up the place. Plus, it can help you improve indoor air quality significantly for yourself and your employees. Also, once you start getting used to taking care of live indoor plants, you might find yourself a new hobby.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do if you would like to brighten up your office. Follow these tips, and you can make your office that much more pleasant for you, your employees and anyone else who might visit your office building.

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