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5 Reasons Why Tumblr Is an SEO Rockstar

Tumblr is a unique micro-blogging service that also doubles up as a social networking site. It is most famous for its abundant collection of GIF images that are often memes. Internet memes and GIF images became popular solely because of the existence of Tumblr. Tumblr users tend to be creative, underground, alternative and definitely not boring. This makes Tumblr an exciting place to share content and curate. Whatever is shared on Tumblr can be re-blogged or liked and content that receives a lot of attention from fellow Tumblr users is ranked higher on search engines. Some of the unique features of Tumblr are:

  1. Tumblr is popular with creative types
  2. Tumblr is SEO friendly
  3. Tumblr encourages sharing of images
  4. Tumblr can be used on a unique domain
  5. Tumblr is free to use.

These and many other reasons make Tumblr a unique social networking platform that people use not only to share content but also to interact with each other, ask questions and get to know each other. Tumblr content is easily available on search engines and many important personalities prefer Tumblr over other platforms such as WordPress. Now, let us take a look at why Tumblr is an SEO rockstar.
Tumblr is popular among creative designers, artists and musicians
Thanks to its attractive and minimalist interface, a lot of creative people use Tumblr. If your client is a creative type, it might be better to optimize an SEO campaign that is centered on Tumblr. If your client is into design, fashion, art, music or just about anything that is creative, they will gain more from using Tumblr.
Tumblr is good for search engine optimization
Tumblr is consistently one of the most used websites in the world. It is ranked highly among social networks and has a niche of its own. Tumblr users often appear at the top of search engine results and it is a very SEO friendly platform.
Tumblr places emphases on images and pictures
It is a well known fact that many people use Tumblr only because of its GIF images. Tumblr allows its users to share images that can be viewed by millions of people simultaneously. Thanks to this unique importance given to visual media, Tumblr gets a lot of traffic from image searches as well. And that is very good for SEO.
Tumblr is easy and free to use.
Any SEO expert will know that Tumblr is free to use. It also allows companies and individuals to use a unique domain from which a Tumblr account can be used. It is a great way to customize and make a blog more search engine friendly. Its ease of use and simplicity makes it an error-free platform that is uniquely SEO friendly.
All these factors make Tumblr an SEO rockstar. It is not very popular among the mainstream but that is what makes Tumblr attractive to some people. It is a great place to avoid the din and concentrate on quality content. And that is what good SEO is all about.
Author Bio: Steve Bergman is an SEO expert and a programmer. He has often helped customers to look for newer platforms in order to achieve success in their businesses.

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