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5 Reasons Not to Use Uber

With a touch of your smartphone, you can get a ride – all without the hassle of talking to a cab dispatcher since you are going to message your request to the nearest driver. Uber have been popular in several countries, creating a perfect market for a luxury car service that is inexpensive, faster and convenient compared to normal Bismarck taxis.


Below are few reasons why Uber isn’t that great.

1. You could get into the wrong vehicle.

There are reports all over the U.S. from non-Uber drivers that strangers were getting inside their cars as they were pulling into burbs or stopping in what customers wrongly believed are pickup sites. The absence of clear signage on Uber vehicles makes this a common issue as many customers don’t always check the car to ensure that the “pickup” vehicle is the one on the description.

2. Uber doesn’t screen its drivers adequately.

In a truly unfortunate incident, a passenger was physically and verbally attacked by an Uber driver and later it was found out that the driver had passed the “zero-tolerance” background check of Uber regardless of an unusual criminal history. A test conducted on Uber drivers has shown that most of the drivers don’t know the city that much, which is very least, is bad for passengers.

3. You could get kidnapped.

One thing that hopefully won’t happen to you or anyone inside a taxi or car is getting kidnapped. One time, an Uber user’s normal day turned into a kidnapping incident, which involved a high-speed car chase. The Uber user thought he knew what to expect; however, everything went downhill after a taxi inspector hailed his driver. It escalated quickly resulting in a high-speed chase that left him shaken after.

4. When things go bad, Uber plays that always-annoying “what, who, us?” game.

This situation has been experienced by people quite a lot; however, one story really stands out. When a young girl and her mother were killed while crossing a street in San Francisco last December by a driver, he told the police that he was employed by Uber. Uber quickly released a statement that said that the driver was not working for them, after which released another statement explaining that the driver was actually logged on to their app but was not doing business during the time of the incident – in short, the driver was between customers, which Uber stated that doing so meant they have no responsibility over the situation. If something bad happens, Uber has a nasty habit of washing their hands from responsibility.

So there you go, using Uber isn’t all about perks, it has downsides too. Contact a Morrhead Taxi company for more help.

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