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5 Minor Inconveniences That Can Set Back Production

5 Minor Inconveniences That Can Set Back Production

Maintaining a regular production schedule is crucial to your company’s profits, as well as your reputation. With so many variables that go into the production process, there are a number of factors that can disrupt the smooth flow of its cycle. With some awareness, knowledge and planning, it’s possible to reduce some of these issues. Let’s examine five minor inconveniences that can set back production and consider ways to resolve them.

Personnel Issues

Your product depends a great deal on the people who work for you. Things like excessive sick days or carelessness can impact production greatly. An efficient way to deal with these problems is to have clear personnel policies in place and enforce them consistently. Having consequences in place for missed days and providing thorough training to new employees are proactive ways to lessen these issues.

Outdated Equipment

While purchasing the latest production equipment can be expensive, it may also be worth it. In fact, it may even pay for itself. For example, if production time is slowed or halted due to things like line changeover or ink replacement that could be avoided with newer technology, it may actually cost you more over time to continue to lose production time and pay workers to stand around waiting.

Unreliable Vendors

Your operation probably needs materials from outside suppliers in order to make your product. Having just one vendor that’s unreliable in delivering on time or bringing the proper type and amount of supplies can cause you big headaches. Be sure to do your research when choosing vendors. Ask for references and look for reviews online to increase your chances of working with a quality provider.

Machinery Breakdown

If your production operation relies on the work of large machinery, it’s inevitable that there will be occasional delays due to breakdown. However, you can decrease the incidents of equipment malfunction by making sure your workers know how to clean and maintain the equipment and that there is a schedule in place to do it regularly. Another helpful step to avoid slowdown is to make sure you have an inventory of parts on hand so that repairs can be made right away. Getting the parts you need from companies like Accurate Products Inc. can help make sure you have all the pieces you need for your production to run smoothly.

Utility Shutdown

Your business probably depends on electric and water to run. In the event of a power outage or utility shutoff, you lose production time. Avoid this by having a generator in place with enough power supply to handle essential equipment.

By simply following these suggestions, you can lower your rate of production loss. Taking proactive measures will increase profit and decrease stress.

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