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5 Dangerous Areas On Your Business Property To Monitor

Workplace injuries can result in lawsuits, fines, and bad press your company can’t afford. Taking proactive steps to keep your employees safe creates a more comfortable, productive environment for everyone. Here are five areas that you need to monitor at your workplace.


Busy warehouses can be dangerous. Forklifts rushing to store or retrieve goods pose traffic risks to pedestrians and each other. Improperly stacked or stored items can fall and leave obstructions that can cause tripping or bottlenecks. Boxes, pallets, or heavy items that are poorly stacked or dislodged from high racks and shelves can cause injuries and even death. It’s important to ensure that there’s plenty of lighting, mirrors at intersections, and that unsafe practices are corrected.

Production Equipment

Machinery of all kinds requires regular maintenance and safety procedures to ensure no one is hurt. Loose clothing, jewelry, and long hair can get trapped, and clutter can be caught or ejected by moving parts. Safety rails designed to protect hands and fingers should never be removed during operation. It’s essential that employees be educated on proper techniques and safety procedures for all equipment.

Chemicals and Gas

Every chemical you use and store at your facility should be covered by an MSDS. Be sure both you and your staff are familiar with guidelines for every chemical: both how it’s to be used and the safety risks of mishandling it. Ensure that goggles, respirators, gloves, or aprons are worn when required, ventilation is provided, and spills are promptly cleaned up. Affected companies should also have monitoring equipment in place and get inspections by companies like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc to get tested for gases such as radon.

Electrical Hazards

Electrocution or shock is a frequent hazard in many industrial facilities. Office workers are also at risk if loose or eroded wires or faulty outlets are left in place at copiers or cubicles. Even maintenance and electricians are at risk if they are careless in their duties, especially if there is a risk of liquid such as sprayers, sinks, or coffee machines. It’s important that any exposed, damaged, or malfunctioning circuits and cables are reported and fixed ASAP.


There is always a risk of malicious intruders such as thieves, angry ex-employees, or even jilted lovers. All side and back entrances should be kept closed and locked and monitored by cameras. This includes loading docks. Consider putting up secure fencing or installing a keycard or biometric access control system everywhere beyond the lobby so that only authorized people can enter.

Every business is required by law to maintain a safe working environment. Regular checks and maintenance help to ensure that safety procedures are in place and are being followed.

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