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5 Changes To Expect When Your Business Starts To Grow

Few business owners would complain when their start-up begins to thrive and grow. However, with success and growth come the inevitable growing pains associated with hiring new employees and accommodating a greater demand for your products and services. While you may not complain when your company grows, you will want to be prepared for that growth.

Additional Work Space

Each of your employees will typically need his or her own work space. Depending on the job function they perform, a new desk and work chair or another type of work area may be needed. Employees may need their own computer, a phone line and other standard equipment necessary for the job. This may require you to move to a larger office space if your existing space cannot accommodate all of the work areas needed for your new employees.

Parking Spaces

In many places, most workers will drive their own vehicle to work, and you may need to find a way to accommodate their parking needs. Keep in mind you may also need to accommodate additional parking spaces for your new customers and clients. If you have a smaller parking lot, you may need to find a feasible solution, such as requesting the use of parking spaces from a neighboring property owner or moving to a larger facility.

Restroom Facilities

In addition to expanding your parking areas, you may also need to review restroom facilities in your office. For example, an office space with ten employees or fewer may only have one unisex bathroom. If your staff size increases to thirty or more employees, however, it is not feasible to have this many employees sharing a single bathroom. You may need to contract the services of a professional plumber to renovate your bathroom so additional stalls can be installed in the space.

Storage Space

When you add employees, you also may need to add storage space for everything from break room supplies and toilet paper to general office supplies. This may involve purchasing a few supply cabinets to installing extra cabinetry in your spaces.

Common Area Equipment and Work Areas

The demand for common area equipment and work space in a shared work room may also increase. For example, if you have a copier and printer that is shared by multiple employees, you may need to invest in additional equipment to prevent a bottleneck in productivity. You may also add work tables as needed.

By anticipating how growth will affect your company, you can more easily plan for it. Consider these changes commonly associated with business growth, and start planning for your company’s success today.

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