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4 Unique Ways To Organize and Collate Your Office and Warehouse

Business owners and managers know that time is money. When your office or warehouse spaces are disorganized, you and your employees will waste precious time and resources. Organizing and collating your office and warehouse reduces wasted time and boosts productivity. Consider putting one or all four of these unique organizational methods in place at your business.

Implementing RFID Tagging

When you need an efficient means of tracking the items in your office and warehouse, consider RFID tags for pieces of equipment and pallets of goods. RFID tags are inexpensive and easy to apply. They are the same devices that are attached to shoes, costume jewelry and video games in department stores. These devices can trigger an alarm in the event of a theft.

Making Digital Inventories

Digital inventories make it easier to organize and count your supplies. A digital inventory system could also be tied into the RFID tags. With a digitized inventory, you can adequately allocate space in your office or warehouse for incoming equipment and supplies. You use the inventory to get an idea of what you already have and how much room is available for new items.

Using Forklifts

Using forklifts in your company’s warehouse facilitates the collation process for large, heavy or bulky items. Forklifts can easily hoist a pallet of smaller items up to a tall shelving unit. Some companies, like Crown Equipment, know that this allows you to make use of the vertical space in your warehouse. With the forklift, storage and retrieval of your supplies and equipment is easier and safer.

Setting up Shelving Units

Shelving units make it easier to organize your office and warehouse space. These products are available in all sizes, are made of metal and can support hundreds or even thousands of pounds of products per unit. You can use the shelving units to keep similar items next to each other. Grouping and carefully stacking items keeps your warehouse and office spaces clean. Shelving systems also reduce the amount of time that it takes to find what you need in a large warehouse with thousands of items.

Staying organized within your office or warehouse does not have to take a lot of effort. Once you put a good organizational system in place, all you have to do is follow the plan. From investing in quality equipment such as forklifts and shelving to learning about technology that facilitates the organizing process, you will be well on your way to a more efficient office or warehouse work environment.

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