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4 Unique Marketing Options Your Business Front Could Utilize

The constant influx of marketing strategies and tools overwhelms small business owners on which is the best marketing strategy to embrace in order to be competitive. Most business owners make the mistake of experimenting with every strategy and running in circles without even evaluating the results of a particular strategy as if they are gambling with their businesses. Business fronts are some of the cheapest and most affordable advertising spaces that most small business owners forget to invest in intensively. Below are some business front marketing strategies that you can utilize:

Banners and Table Flags

You can use banners and table flags to promote your marketing strategies at your store front. Banners made of fabric or vinyl are cheaper and durable for small business owners who are operating on a tight budget or exploring cheaper advertising options. You can use them to advertise hours of operation, promote special occasions, or market a seasonal sale. They are usually available in various layouts, fabrics and finishing options. Table flags or pennants printed using screen or digital printing on 100% polyester are also good options for your business front’s marketing. They can be equipped with tassels and fringes to match various tastes and preferences.


Pedestrian-oriented streets and mixed-use frontages are perfect for signage marketing. Although the initial cost of implementing this marketing strategy is high, it can reap you a lot of benefits in the long run. You’ll only need to change the ads that you display on the screens periodically without buying new hardware. The allowance to update new products or services on the signage will give you a cutting edge over your competitors because you’ll always be ahead of the competition. Some of the most important features to maximize on your signage include logo, product, contact details, website, social media networks, and your call to action.

Make certain that you determine your target audience because if you try to reach out to everyone, you may end up reaching out to no one. It’s critical to determine what your target audience is, its needs, and how your product or service will help them before you launch your marketing campaign. Small business owners should engage with professionals, like those at Displays Market, who have years of experience in designing displays for various market niches to guide them on how to implement technical displays like signage.

Canopy signs

There are three types of canopy signs that you can invest in namely:

Fascia canopy- these are signs that are mounted directly on the fascia or front part of the canopy and have to be on the front side.

Above canopy- these are signs mounted partially or entirely above the fascia of your canopy and have to be oriented to wall surface of your business’s building.

Under canopy- these are signs that are suspended under your canopy and have to be perpendicular to the business building façade.

Wall signs

You can also optimize the space on the walls of your business building to mount wall signs. The signs should be located on, and parallel to the building. You should use bright colors and unique designs in order to attract existing and potential customers to your business’s products or services. Walls signs can be large or small depending on your budget and wall space. The easiest way of building brand recognition, advertising products or services, and providing corporate identity to your business is by using custom exterior wall signs. You can use aluminum, Alumalite, engraved acrylic, cut wood, and many other types of materials for top quality weatherproof frames. You can use pre-designed templates or contact professional marketing companies who have in-house designers specialized in customizing different business front wall signs.

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