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4 Technologies That Make Customer Service Easier Than Ever

One of the most important parts of a company is its customer service operations. Good customer service can result in loyal patrons who supply a company with steady revenue. Bad customer service results in losing customers to competitors. One thing that has certainly made a big splash in customer service in recent years is technology. Below are four technologies that make customer service easier.

Social Media

Social media has infiltrated nearly every sector of society. Today, things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram represent the ways swaths of people interact with companies. You need to be able to integrate customer service into the way you manage social media. For example, if you see a Tweet complaining about a product, try to direct message that customer and help them resolve the issue. If you just ignore such problems, it could result in negative PR due to how fast things move on social media.

Call Waiting Tech

One thing customers hate is being put on hold after calling in about a specific problem they are experiencing with a product or service. Thankfully, you can help soothe some of this frustration with technology. Computer programs that are available from companies like We Mind the Gap allow you to play relaxing music and messages reassuring the listener that their call will be taken soon. This can calm frustrations.

CRM Software

CRM is an acronym that stands for customer relationship management. CRM software is another popular digital tool that can greatly improve customer service. This kind of software allows a company to save all the information regarding specific customers to a digital database. There are also specialty programs like SolutionReach that cater to medical practice patients by delivering automated appointment reminders through text that update patients, along with a swath of other advanced patient relationship management features.

Mobile Customer Service

Customer service has also entered into the realm of mobile apps. There are now many apps available for businesses to help improve customer service. These, for example, can send text messages regarding the status of a customer’s order. Support can also now be performed this way as well. This can be convenient for customers who have access to a phone more than then do a regular computer.

Overall, technology has certainly helped improve customer service. This has been good for both customers as well as the companies that benefit from their good will. As technology continues to improve, it is likely that customer service will do the same.

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