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4 Reasons To Choose A Popup Stand

It’s really not until you set about the process of looking for that perfect display stand for an expo or trade event that you realise just how large and complex the market is. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just a case of choosing the right size, but there are in fact thousands of different types and specifications on the market for a quite infinite range of prices.

According to the experts behind, the choice of banner stands and displays any business chooses can and will have a huge impact on their successes at any show. The reason being that for about 99% of those in attendance, it’s these displays alone that will play the biggest role of all in determining whether or not they take interest in your brand and head over for a closer look into what you do. The content and message of the banners will of course be of key importance, but so too will quality. After all, shoddy materials and a clear sense of corner-cutting never bode well with first impressions.

One of the most popular types of display stands on the market right now is the pop-up display – a considerably more advanced and technologically superior option for the modern business. But with so many different types of display stands to choose from, what are the key benefits of the pop-up stand?

Ease of Use

Well, first of all there’s the way in which there is quite literally no other type of display stand that’s as easy to use in any given scenario. When it comes to setting up for a trade show or any other appearance across the board, there’s really very little to it other than getting the boards and banners in place. In the past, this meant keeping a good couple of hours to one side while they were hammered away at a large and complex frame in order to then mount and display the brand’s posters and banners. With pop-up displays on the other hand, it’s literally a case of putting a minute or two to one side to unfold and indeed ‘pop up’ the displays, leaving plenty of free time available for more important matters.


Something else to bear in mind is the importance of portability, given the fact that most trade shows and expos probably won’t be right on the doorstep of the business itself. The simple fact of the matter here is that the more portable the display stands are, the easier it becomes to travel to any location anywhere across the board with minimal fuss and for the lowest possible costs. Pop-up stands are small, compact and convenient enough to be tossed in the back of the car or even carried by hand on public transport, making them ideal for attending trade shows and events in remote location. And of course, the fact that they are so compact and convenient also makes them an absolute breeze to store away for future use.


It’s common to assume that pop-up stands are relatively simple by way of their design and features, though the modern take on the pop-up stand is actually quite different. While there are of course various different types of instant roll-out banners and the likes which are as simple as it gets, pop-up stands can also be designed with an array of incredible features. From integrated flat-screen television to iPad holders and so much more besides, pretty much anything it takes to create a final result that’s brilliantly versatile can be achieved with the right pop-up stand. And what’s more, in all instances they’re supremely easier to use, fold, store and reuse than any other kinds of stands and banners on the market.

Value for Money

Last but not least, there’s simply no denying the way in which value for money is completely on another level when investing in a quality pop-up stand. Made from the highest quality materials, it’s perfectly possible to find a quality stand from a leading provider that comes with an extensive guarantee – some parts may even be guaranteed for life. And due to the fact that the stands themselves are compact in design and created to be as simple and lightweight as possible, costs are kept to absolute minimums. So when considered as a long-term investment, value for money is simply outstanding.

Choosing the right pop-up banner is for the most part simply a case of siding with a leading provider – choose a brand name you can trust and the rest generally falls into place pretty easily.

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