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4 Quick Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

As productivity levels rise and the global economy becomes more integrated, the job security we knew in the 20th century is quickly evaporating. For many, the entrepreneurial path is the ticket to prosperity in countries all over the globe. If you don’t feel like taking out a bank loan or starting a Kickstarter campaign, here are a couple of great businesses you can start without a lot of capital.

Errand Runner

Launching an errand service is an easy way to dip your toe into the entrepreneurial pool. Start off by using platforms like TaskRabbit to land gigs or advertise yourself on Once you’ve gained some local clout, you can specialize in a niche or move up to running more profitable errands. The size and scope of an errand-running business is only limited by your imagination.

YouTube Videos

Beyond simply to entertain the masses, YouTube videos can actually earn you money. Obviously you will need a large and steady audience to be successful, but it can be done. The first step is to create a YouTube account and channel. Be sure to add keywords under the advanced section in your channel settings to make your videos easier to find. You will want your YouTube channel to fill a niche with new content on a consistent schedule to help you build a regular audience. Learn the nuances of monetizing your YouTube channel, and you are ready to go.

Mobile Electronics Repair

Considering how important smartphones and tablets are to workers in every field these days, a shattered screen can be a real showstopper. As such, people are willing to pay quite handsomely for speedy repairs. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to fix displays for iOS and Android devices using a replacement kit. All you need is a little technical know-how and a few basic tools to get started.

Windshield Patching & Replacement

Even worse than a shattered smartphone screen is a cracked automobile windshield. Once that telltale spiderweb rears its ugly head, a windshield repair or replacement isn’t far off. Anyone can start a windshield repair service with a few Crack Eraser Pro Int’l repair kits, windshield repair resins and the necessary experience. Do a few friends’ windshields at cost to sharpen your skills and build a reputation.

Online Antiques Merchant

Since its debut in 1995, eBay has revolutionized the online auction business. Starting an antiques dealership on eBay doesn’t require much start-up capital or time in order to achieve handsome profits. Hit up rummage sales and secondhand stores in your area, dust off promising antiques and sell them online for a hefty markup. With a little research, anyone can launch a lucrative antiques business.

Taking the Plunge

The greatest obstacle that every entrepreneur must overcome is fear. Striking out on your own is always a little intimidating even for experienced entrepreneurs that have launched a business before. Success is never guaranteed, even if you have an excellent game plan in place. However, entrepreneurship is ultimately your best chance of ditching the rat race and getting ahead financially in today’s economic environment.

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