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4 Professionals You Need In Your Warehouse

A dysfunctional warehouse creates problems for your business. Mismanagement of inventory can result in delays or damaged product deliveries and financial losses shouldered by the company. To maintain uninterrupted warehouse operations, staff it with these four professionals who should be on your payroll.


A warehouse picker mans the first phase of getting your customer’s orders to their front doors. They are responsible for filling in orders and preparing them to the delivery platform. The manner in which the product is placed on this platform will depend on the company’s standards for safety and quality. When hiring a warehouse picker, make sure they exhibit the competence and skills to fulfill orders in a complete and correct manner.


A warehouse welder is responsible for laying out, positioning, and securing parts in the assembly line as well as in other processes used by the facility. They are trained to follow specifications and wield various equipment including calipers, rulers, straightedge, etc. In addition, any faulty equipment that requires repairs or replacement parts from somewhere such as Northland Fastening Systems is also handled by welders. When hiring one, focus more on the hands-on experience the candidate has and less on the formal education they carry.


To ensure that pickers and packers are performing at their optimal levels, a warehouse supervisor is employed. This professional will, as the name implies, supervise, delegate, and monitor the phases of product distribution and delivery. They are in charge with oversight of the entire warehouse, which means the success or failure of the facility is predominantly in their hands. A warehouse supervisor is trained to look at different hardware and software systems commonly used in a warehouse setting.

Safety Manager

Warehouses are filled with activity, so it’s not surprising if accidents and injuries abound. Safety precautions must be taken in order to ensure the safety of all employees as well as the properties/assets of the company. A safety manager is in charge of this. They devise safety plans and train employees to follow these said plans. They are also called in to provide regular training sessions to update the knowledge and skills of the workforce.

Individually, these four professionals will have minimal impact to the progress of a company. When combined, however, the intersection of their skills, experience, and knowledge can help foster a productive and safe warehouse environment. Be sure to look for these professionals when planning to revamp or build a new warehouse for your company.

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