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4 New Programs to Help You Manage Your Business

Your business management strategy is affected by a number of things. Your employees, your work ethic, and your ideas all have an incredible impact on your potential for being successful. In addition to those concepts, however, your business is also greatly affected by the software and apps that you use.
The business world relies on software and business management strategies that are time tested, but every day, new applications and software enter the marketplace. The following four programs will help you manage your business, and eventually, you may even wonder how you lived without them.
QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013
For years, small and medium businesses have relied on QuickBooks for their accounting needs. The newest version of this essential business management and accounting software offers a complete revamp of this classic software. The highlight of the 2013 version is the improved and simplified user interface. This software has long been known for its simple and easy to use style, and the new version is even easier to use. Entrepreneurs have a number of QuickBooks options now. They can use the desktop version of the software, and there, they will have the greatest number of features. Small business owners with relatively uncomplicated businesses may be able to get by with the online version of QuickBooks. This web-based application allows you to send invoices and complete other essential tasks, but it does not have all of the features that the desktop version has. To access the web-based version, business owners will need to download the QuickBooks app.
KoolSpan TrustCall
With the KoolSpan Trust Call app, business owners have the ability to turn any phone call into a secure phone call. This is ideal for people who need to make sensitive phone calls or who need to send private text messages. It encrypts phone calls with a military-grade encryption program. Best of all, this entire app is simple to use. If you need to ensure that no one is listening to your calls or intercepting your texts, you need the KoolSpan TrustCall app. It will transform any smartphone into a secure line.
Polaris Office
The Polaris Office app is essential for working on the go. This affordable app is currently available for iPhones and iPads, and it will likely be available for Android OS soon. In order to work effectively on an iPad or an iPod, you need something that lets you reach your storage system, create new documents, and edit those documents. Polaris Office allows you to do all of those functions. Its three-in-one approach is ideal for people who want the ability to work whenever they need to from wherever they are.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium
If you have never used dictation software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 will make you feel like you are living in the future. This fabulous dictation software is almost flawless. It has the most accurate voice translation ability of any software currently available. It is very fast so you never have to worry about speaking too quickly and having it miss a word or a sentence. It even has a built in smart feature that helps it improve the more you use it. As you use this software, it becomes able to predict your words based on context. With this software, you will never lose a good idea again. As soon as something pops into your head, you can jot it down using DragonSpeaking Naturally 12. You will love the fact that you can make writing and even thinking faster with this software.
These new business management products will be assets to your business. You will love that they help you diversify your business strategies in new and unique ways. Whether you are saving yourself from a hand cramp by using great dictation software or keeping a sensitive phone call private, you will be improving your business when you use these apps.
Author Bio: Joshua Turner produces content in the field of business. This article was written to explain some of the new and efficient technologies helping business managers and to promote further study in this field with a Business Management Degree

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