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3 Tips For Moving Your Garage Business To A Commercial Building

Countless companies, many of them multinational corporations today, started in garages. Iconic, globally-recognized entities like Google, Apple, Amazon and Harley Davidson all had humble beginnings, but these garage businesses went on to enjoy incredible successes. If you are ready to take your garage business to the next level, then moving into a commercial building might be the right choice. These three tips can guide you as you move your garage business to a commercial space.

Choose a Space That Can Grow With the Business

A common mistake that business owners make when moving from one location to another is thinking too small. Many business owners will buy a smaller area assuming that it will fit the needs of the company. However, once the companies expand they have no more space in their office to grow. While you don’t want to pick a commercial building that is far too large for your current business, it makes sense to choose a space that can accommodate growth over time. That way, you won’t have to pack up and move again six months or a year down the line if your business is successful and continues to expand.

Consider the Logistical Needs of Your Business

One positive aspect of running a business from your garage is that it is easily accessible, and there is typically a large door big enough to drive in a whole car. Plus, it is just steps from your home, allowing for a super quick commute. However, you can’t work out of that type of environment for forever. You are eventually going to have to move to a bigger area once your business keeps growing. Once you make that move you have to keep the needs of your business in mind. While it may have been easy to transport big items in and out of the garage, will that be possible in your prospective commercial building? Keep in mind that mobile cranes or overhead cranes, such as those at American Equipment Inc., can help make your move a lot easier. Tools like this can help lift the heaviest equipment out of your garage and onto sturdy trucks. Also, give some thought to the location of the new commercial building. Ideally, it will be a short commute for you and any of your employees.

Think About the Image Your Want Your Business to Convey

Finally, as you move to a commercial building, think about what you want the overall image of your business to be. Choosing a commercial space with exposed brick and concrete floors can look trendy and industrial, but that might not be the right look for a corporate entity trying to attract major investors. Make sure the commercial building has room for a formal, clean office or meeting area, should that be necessary for your operation.

Moving your garage business to a commercial building is typically a positive development. It signifies growth, expansion and prosperity, and the tips above will ensure that the move goes well, the space is right for you and your business continues to succeed.

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